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my name is Ramez, a.k.a tartiflette here... being a "stalker" for a while I finally chose to take a risk and hope to contribute to this humongous project...
Always fascinated by all the works I4ve seen, 3D is still a mysterious language to me (I tried once to make a cube in blender, I think it took me hours...). So I still prefer to stick into my comfort zone, which is drawing and photography...
for the drawings, here are a few examples (I tried to recreate the Umbra' Keth, an incerdible creature who deserves a better purpose than being stuck in a forgotten mini console) (for the photography which is less interesting, here's my website : sommeil paradoxal )

voilà... If any team is interested I think I'll have a heart attack (out of happiness of course), if not, I'll still be happy to follow you, guys
PS  : I apologize for my rough English...





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I'm the Iliac Bay 2D Art Lead (Hammerfell and High Rock) and I would love to see you join our province as creature designer. We've also got plenty of tileset design that needs doing if you're interested in trying out something a little different, but either way I hope you consider our offer.

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