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Merchent System

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So Based on suggestions made in the Comment section of the New update patches I wanted to take the time to give some suggestions on how we could implement more Trade to the province, this would be done in accordance to the lore and use actually flashed out NPCs instead of hollow merchants.

here are a few System ideas:

1. Specifically made NPCs who trade traveling from city to city, a good number for holds would be perhaps 2-5 and they would have full Backstory, quests, Dialogs like all NPCs in holds, as well as packages allowing them to travel between cities, Wearing backpacks and traveling alone by foot or horse these merchants would also have dialogs with the local NPCs to integrate them, have them stay at inns or sell there wears in the markets.

2. Existing NPCs, now we don't need to always add more NPCs to the mod, sometimes we can use the existing ones like add a package for some more local trade, this could be an alternative or complement additional NPCs to make trade work, like some merchants like Belathor might decide that its worth the risk of the Civil war to go out make a profit and goes to Roricksteed buys their sheep crops while selling them new tools and other items they usually can't get. this could be implemented with NPCs all over Skyrim walking to do local trade, I believe it is in the Nozi Livestream Galandil says the Laiterdale people are supposed to trade with Roricksteed and the packages are already in the mod, so activating them would add life to the roads and world. cupel this with custom Dialogs to make it all feel natural.

3. When the civil war ends, it be nice to see some of the old Soldiers return to work, more NPCs could be added to both (1) and (2) as well as form caravans, once again this would be well written realised NPCs with the backstory of being Civil war veterans from both sides who returned to work. the difference would be that the NPCs get activated once the civil war is won, or a bit after so you can feel the peace returning to the land. this would have the added benefit of repopulating Skyrim, after a lot of questing many NPCs will die during your play threw, so a village with maybe 10 NPCs are left with only 6 now we add two more boosting it up to 8 again, also this would allow for more quest givers and quests for holds.


that's some ideas I have on the Merchant System if you have questions, or feedback or just other ideas please let me know. :)

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