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Anders Silveroke

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Anders Silveroke

The following NPC isn't Implemented in Holds 
Note: the following text is suggestions and a mall/ideas for the NPC and is not nesseserly found in the final product in the mod, or required to be implemented.


Mentioned in Dialog (Not Started)

Mentioned in books (Not Started)

Mentioned in journals (Not Started)


Name: Anders Silveroke
Nickname:  Anders
Status: Family leader of the Silveroke House

Full Title
Anders Silveroke Family Head of the Silveroke House

Father: Arwind Silveroke
Mother: Silvia Silveroke
Siblings: Vandj Silveroke, Esmi Silveroke,

Spouse: Judith Silveroke




Children:   Alexi, Mathilda, Gareth, Arthur, Daniel and Michael.

Best Friend: Unknown
Friends: Balgruff, 

Primary: Anders is the Head of the Silveroke House in Daggerfall, as such he has many duties he happily neglects and let his wife handle while he tends to more pleasant company and activities.

Persona: Anders Silveroke is a very quiet and cornered person, you wouldn't take him for more than a great swordsman and fine company, in official company he will easily go quiet and let others speak for him, while in personal company he is a pleasant man, however a bit quiet, he enjoys many activities and usually does them over his duties.

Trainer: Silkeroke Trainers, and relatives
Strength: he is very good with a sword and usually fights in heavy armor, he also has a basic knowledge of magic
Weakness: he isn't as strong in magic as others and his biggest weakness is the fact that he listens to his wife too much.



Anders, while technically the head of the Silveroke family, follows his wife’s lead and manipulations in all things.He grew up without leaving the Glittershade estate. His older sister, Vandj, constantly berated him for everything under the moons, which lead him to be the timid and malleable man Judith met and seduced. He was raised by his mother, his father having died before he was old enough to remember. She had very distinct expectations for how her eldest son would act, and he constantly failed to live up to them.His saving grace, as his mother would tell anyone who would listen, was his skill with a blade, flamboyant and almost dance-like, but dashing all the same.


When he was 19, his mother forced him to a ball in Daggerfall, the first time he ever left the estate. It was also the first time he’d seen a woman that wasn't related to him, and there was no shortage of them at the ball. The most beautiful among them, Judith, stole his heart before she’d even said a word. He had many children with Judith, and before long his mother died, leaving him reluctantly in charge of the family. Having no taste for it personally, he leaves most of his decisions up to his wife, preferring instead to spend his time reading ancient poetry, hunting, and fishing when the weather isn't too extreme. He devotes quite a bit of time to his sons, preferring their company to that of his wife.






Note: Following Dialogs isn't what you will find in the mod, rather what has been writen as suggestions and insperation for Galadnil and may or may not show up in the mod itself.


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