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At the moment, 3D artists, 3D artists and Creation Kit Builders are the most needed. Other roles will not be needed until later into development. Please consider this when deciding which role you want to fill.

  • 3D Artist
  • 2D Artist
  • Level Designer
  • Voice Actor
  • Creation Kit Specialist
  • Papyrus Scripter
  • Writer



3D Artist: Must be capable of creating various assets, on request, and must go through the entire process of creating a functional in-game asset.

2D Artist: There are two subcategories of 2D artist:

  1. Concept Artist: Must be capable of illustrating concepts of landscapes, cities, and other environments, which will then be used by 3D artists and texture artists to create the concept in-game.
  2. Texture Artist: Will create highly detailed textures, which will then be used on 3D models. DO NOT take textures directly from the internet, and only modify them slightly.

Level Designer: Someone who is a Level Designer will do anything from landscaping, to city building, to cave building, on request. They must be able to create interesting and beautiful environments based off of any concepts that are agreed upon.

Voice Actor: Must be able to speak in unique voices that blend into the game, based off of dialogue written by the Writers.

Creation Kit Specialist: Must be able to due some of the nitty-gritty of mod developing, such as nav-meshing, and implementing dialogue, audio, assets, effects, etc.

Papyrus Scripter: Papyrus scripters will use Bethesda's papyrus scripting language to create functional quests, events, and so on.

Writer: Writers must be able to create seamless and realistic dialogue between individuals in-game for use in quests, and other situations.



To apply, please follow the following format:




Prior Experience:

Sample of Previous Work (if applicable):


If you are accepted, you will be contacted with further instructions.



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