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[Advice] 3D TileSet and CK Scale

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Hi everybody,


I'm currently working on roman insulae-like buildings, via the elaboration of a 3D tilesets system in Blender, something really simple and flexible, and I wanted to know if I  should already ask myself questions about units and scale for its integration in the Skyrim CK. Tutorials and discussions I've found concentrate on the import/export system and use 3D model with approximative scale ("take a preexisting nif model and look how big yours is next to it", etc. --impossible with tilesets). So do I worry now or can I just make my 3D things and LATER resolve scaling problems ?


As far as I (think I) know, Skyrim CK Units are based on Imperial Length. Do a simple conversion calculation is ok ? Between 16/32/.../128/256/etc. of the CK and inches and feet of the Blender Imperial Lenght preset (with the equivalence find here) ?

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