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Solitude Whiteside District

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The Whiteside District is squashed between Castle Dour and the northwest mountainside of the city. it is in its own world space and can be entered by a gate between Winkingskeever and Solitudes alchemy store. Straight ahead when entering this new district is the entrance of the Theatrical arena, this entrance area is fairly nice, with a bit of a small garden and a bridge leading to the arena itself. to get down to the district itself you must take one of two stairs on the end of the bridge which leads under it, as well as to the entrance to the Whiteside District proper. this entrance area is still guarded by city guards but they are the last guards you will see as their job is to ensure the violence of this district doesn't flow over to the rest of the city proper.


the District itself is made up of low-income homes, two bunkhouses a mine, a distillery two taverns a general goods store, a local alchemist (not a store but she will sell you items). all of this is within a half-cave half outdoors area, with houses built in stories with one home on each story. this should give off a very cramped and cluttered feel, with a lot of workers from the distillery as well as the mines wandering about, as well as members of the two gangs. at the south part of the district is the Distillery, a bunkhouse a tavern and some homes, the middle part contains the mine, general goods store and some more homes, and the north part contains the other bunkhouse, the Alchemist the final tavern and some more houses. in the center of the district is a preaching platform where someone often yells, sometimes its a priest of a divine or a gang leader rallying his gang. it is even the formen of the Distillery or the Mine talking to their workers sometimes.


the entire district should give off a very lawless worker class fell, with constant brawls and badmouthing happening in the streets.



the Whiteside District is the industrial center of Solitude, away from the upper-class nobility it contains two large industry, the Iron ore mine, and the Distillery, as the industry grew, the district grew with it. but the jarls never saw it as their priority to protect the people of the district, with Nobel pressures to commit the soldiers elsewhere the district was often overlooked, and crime began to rocket upwards. as this happened high king Torygg under the pressure of the city's nobility pulled out the Guards altogether from the district, for their safety and instead decided to ensure the crime didn't spread further with a heavily armed checkpoint by the Theatrical arena.


this lead to the rise of two gangs within the district, the Miners, named after their ranks originally consisting of the miners of the district and the  Distillery boys, named for a similar reason. the two gangs fostered their own ideas and have taken law into their own hands, running their illegal operations from the distillery and the mines respectively. the jarl and nobility have a policy regarding the Whiteside District, as long as the Mead and ore keep flowing out of there, they don't care what happens inside. with this policy the gangs have taken full control over the area, using the many caves leading water out of the valley into the sewers as staging points for smuggling operation.


That was until Ulfric murdered High King Torygg, and general Talius was seent to fix the problem, Talius in lack of men decided to recruit the many kill-experienced men of the Whiteside District many of which would happily join the legion for a better daily coin, many of the men not interested in the politics of Skyrim. even with a lot of the district's population off fighting the civil war, the Gang fights continue. and the Dragonborn will have the opportunity to Join one of the gangs or help them out gain dominance over the district. find quests to help the mines and the Distillery or collect bounties to clean up the district of some of the more prominent and harmful crime.


The Miners:


The Miners are Lead by [TBA] who is [TBA] their ranks are made up of cut thoughts bandits thieves and other gang members, mostly from the mines. they fight against the oppression of the working class within solitude, and their biggest rivals the Destilery boys are their most hated target, as they believe they are financed by the Nobility to keep the underclass in check. aggressive and often taking gold with violence they have their headquarters in the mines, hang in their tavern and control their own bunkhouse.


The Distillery boys:


The Distillery Boys are lead by [TBA] who is [TBA] their ranks are made up of cut thoughts bandits thieves and other gang members, mostly from the Distillery. they fight to bring order to the Whiteside District by collecting taxes as they call it, going around stores and homes and demanding money for protection. they got a rivalry with the aggressive and damaging Miners who keep the district in chaos. their headquarters is the Distillery and they control their own tavern and bunkhouse.


Quest ideas:




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