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Application: 3d modeller

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So technically some of my work has already been used in BS but I would like to join in a more official capacity.

My skills are 3d modelling, best at structures and statics. Creatures with skinning I find to be a bit of a nightmare, though I can modify existing skinned meshes to create new variant forms. Also, not too great at texturing.

I thought I would show 2 videos that showcase a few bits and pieces I've worked on. (some of it is old and unreleased but might be of some use.)

The first video here shows a bridge set along with raised road segments that can be used to link them if needed, some light posts, a tileable cliff edge and a Flame Wraith which is essentially a retextured modified Ice Wraith with different spells. The cliff segments which there are 8 separate tileable pieces are scratch built and the bridges are almost scratch built apart from the road segment which was lifted from Skyrim. These might not be that useful as I'm not sure how much over-all worldspace has already been finished or designed in the various projects.

The second video here shows some dogs and horses. The dogs are modified wolves and the horses are modified horses (obviously). Both names of the new horses "Swift" and "Desert" are just placeholder. I am aware that new types of horses might already have been modelled for the project but I thought it would be fun to do. the two new types can share saddles with each other as they have the same back/waist shape.

Thank you for your consideration. As to the province, I am not too fussed. Though I am leaning towards High Rock/Hammerfell.

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Never modelled weapons and they would require new textures which is my weak spot. Though I will give anything a try. As for clutter I do have a few clutter pieces I modelled laying around unused which are a few Arabian style oil lamp/candles and an hourglass I was going to try and animate but could never figure out.

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If you wanna practice your skills you can try modelling this custom bow for BS:black marsh 

It's not necessary I am just giving a suggestion for keeping the project going on. 


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