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Markus Liberty

Elder Scrolls VI Location analysis


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  1. 1. Where do you think TES VI is located?

    • High Rock
    • Hammerfell
    • Elsweyr
    • Valenwood
    • Morrowind
    • Black Marsh
    • Summerset Isles
    • Other

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So the first TES VI teaser trailer just dropped, showing a rocky coastline and some interesting structures

The first thing I want to mention, is that we don't know for sure if this is actual in-game footage, or a CGI trailer done by another studio. But for the sake of this analyzis, we're going to assume that this is actual in-game footage.


The Direction Of the Sun

One very important thing which I haven't seen anyone mention before, is the location of the sun. In the Elder Scrolls games, the sun always rise in the east, and sets in the west, moving at a perfectly straight line across the sky. TES VI will likely be no different, which means that knowing the location of the sun is the key to knowing the general direction of the landscape we're looking at.

In the Trailer, we don't actually see the sun, but we do get a pretty good idea of where it is located by looking at the shadows and the light. The shadows are long, and are moving away from the coast at a near 180 degree. This tells us that the sun is sitting low on the skies, and that the coast is facing the West or the East.


There's no way to say wether this is a sunrise or a sunset. But given the information we do have, we get a pretty good idea of what areas on Tamriel this could potentially be.

Here's a map higlighting the Western and Eastern coasts of Tamriel


The Enviorment

In the trailer we see a coastal cliff environment with few to no trees , the cliffs are white and the ground looks sandy and dry. This could be a lot of places, but by comparing this to the real world we might get a better idea of what kind of inspiration Bethesda was looking for when designing this area.

The type of envrioment we see in the trailer is what we usually refer to as shrubland. Shrubland is a kind of biome found in tempered and dry areas, places where trees and other plants struggle growing.

Shrublands are known to exist in California, Mexico, Australia and the Mediterranean.


We're also seeing a lot of white yellowish rocks, this is most likely limestone, a typical stone type found in costal shrublands. We generally see this type of environment in California and the mediterranean, giving us a pretty good idea of what kind of enviomrent they were looking into when designing the game. Several countries share this kind of enviorment, but one in particular stands out.


We know that the Croatian city of Dubrovnik  was used as the main inspiration for the City of Anvil in Oblivion, a city supposidly based on Redguard architecture. The surrounding Gold Coast was of a similar design, a dry costal grassland with limestone rocks. In Oblivion, Gold Coast enviorment continues into the innacessible soutern parts of Hammerfell, making the areas surrounding Rihad and Taneth possible locations shown in this trailer.



We dont see a whole lot in terms of architecture. The large towering structure in the centre of the landscape could easily be an Imperial Fort. What's more interesting is the tiny city in the distance, we don't see much of it, but by zooming in we can clearly make out the city walls.


This could be anywhere, and it's difficult to make out any particular  style of architecture. The city walls however does seem to closely recemble the kind of white limestone walls found in old mediterranean cities. Once again drawing noticeable parallels to the Croatian city of Dubrovnik.


That's it for now. I'll be sure to include any additional things I notice as the speculation and analysis continues


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TBH I think Bethesda left the whole thing up for debate. When creating something like this they would have known the amount of analysis people would put in, so I think the vagueness was very much intended. They didn't put in any clear landmarks EG WGT or TOTW, and left the whole thing very open to interpretation generally. So yeah, I think Bethesda made it so that multiple different guesses can fit so they can keep an element of surprise, because if they announce the province what, 4 years early? the community will delve too deep into specific province ideas and end up disappointed. But if I HAD to guess, Hamerfell in the trailer, although it will be a game consisting of both HR and HF, with the abecean isles and an Orsinium questline both being DLC. But, who knows?

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The foreground before the city seems to be a river delta, which would put Rihad on the wrong (south) bank of the river (Brena). Taneth, however, is on the south bank of the river (Irk).

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53 minutes ago, Markus Liberty said:

Not really, I mean. I guess a lot of people would be interested in modding TES VI , so there might be a bit of a member migration

If that trailer does show high rock or hammer fell as the setting for elder scrolls 6 then I guess the illac bay team will be going into overdrive

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I'll just repost what I put on Reddit here:

So, we can disqualify: Skyrim - not correct climate, too recent; Morrowind - not correct climate, ESO too recent; Summerset - not correct climate, ESO too recent; Valenwood - not correct climate; Cyrodil - not correct climate; Black Marsh - not correct climate; Atmora - not correct climate; Pyandonea - not correct climate; Yokuda - destroyed; Akavir - more shaky, but they'll want to finish Tamriel first

So that leaves us with: High Rock; Hammerfell; Elsewyr

Elsewyr - can be discarded due to coast being forested, no mountain range

So High Rock vs Hammerfell:

Not High Rock because... Architecture. The fort is made of white stone and looks crusadery to me, not standard French. Also we have seen High Rock in recent times with ESO, so its unlikely anyway.

So Hammerfell. But we need to go deeper. I have found two options for what the camera is panning over, which depends on whether you think the sea side is oriented correctly or not. In the distance, we an see mountains, which (I think) are the Dragontail mountains. My first thought was that the city in the distance is Sentinel, and that we were panning over Myrkwasa, with the fort, but... the sea is on the wrong side. Thinking about it some more... I realised the camera is panning to Gilane, with the Dragontail in the background and the sea on the correct side. The fort is probably abandoned. The crater may be the speculated location of Volenfell - the wiki says: 'Volenfell's location was unknown for a long time, being speculated to be near the city-state of Gilane', which fits perfectly. even though it was later discovered to be near Satakalaam, there must have been some hints that Volendrung fell near Gilane, otherwise people would never have looked there... you know what the hint could be? A crater maybe? y'know, like the one Volendrung formed? Yup it fits!

TLDR;My reckoning is that this is Hammerfell, with mountains being the Dragontail and the camera panning over to Gilane.

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Except Azras crossing is up in the drudach mountains, the closest major body of water is the Bjoulase river where as its clearly the sea in the shot.


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Convincing arguments, I'm very inclined to believe it must be either TES VI: Hammerfell or TES VI: Croatia. It doesn't look too much like High Rock, although there seems to be a lot of people who believe that.

I'm no expert on the geography of Tamriel, but could it be any of The Summerset Isles? If they wanted to follow up the story from Skyrim, that could be an option (although they would perhaps most likely step back or forth a few hundred years).


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