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Application - Level Design

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Hey, my name is Corey and I just graduated from a game design program in the states.  I've been watching a few of the streams from your level designers and really like what your teams are doing.  I'd like to join as a level designer, if y'all will have me

Here's a couple of work samples:

This one is in Unity - I'm doing the environment layout/prop positioning, a bit of the modeling, all of the music/sfx, a decent chunk of the scripting, and overall project management.  


This one is in Unreal, solo project.  I did the modeling, scripted events and movement, and made the textures.  The textures leave a lot to be desired - I now have tremendous respect for texture artists, haha.


I have done a bit of work in Creation Kit as well.  Here are a few screenshots of a bunker rave level I was working on in Fallout 4.  Still planning on finishing it, but it took a back seat to finishing school.





I filled out the form on the main website - I'm very intrigued by the work on Morrowind, Roscrea, or Cyrodiil, but really up for anything that could use me.  Most interested in Dungeons and encounter design, but I have a background in architecture that could come in handy for doing towns/interiors as well. 

Keep up the awesome work!

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