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Application - Marketing, Video Editor

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Hello each and respected member of the Beyond Skyrim Team

My name is Victor, 'observer.' on the internet, a twenty year old male video (and image) editor from Denmark. I've studied media production for over two years now, and spent about 15 months with a local broadcasting station, TV Nordsjælland, as their lead editor on the weekly two hour long broadcasts. I've also been fascinated by the concept of machinimas, and successfully directed, written and edited two thus far. A Skyrim one, which took about fourteen days to finish. Also a Fallout 4 one, which took about two and a half months to complete. I'm quite the perfectionist, and often end up sitting down and letting the creativity flow freely until I deem it worthy of ending. I use Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop. Also Final Cut Pro, but not these days.

Skyrim in particular is one of, perhaps even my favorite game of all  time. I've spent a lot of time following the progress on modding; mostly the bigger and more ambitious projects; like your own creations and 'Skyrim Together'. I greatly admire the work you've done, the effort you show.. and I'd like to be a part of it. I upload selected projects to YouTube for easy reference, which will be linked down below. I'm not picky, and would be perfectly game for any province.


Thank you very much for taking the time off and go through this application. Regardless of being selected or not, I'll remain intrigued by your work and will continue to follow every bit of progress. 


All the best,



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