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Application - level design, quests, scripting

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Hello, I have always wanted to start modding Skyrim, and I would really like to join your team.

As of now, I am able to implement quests, do basic scripting for the quests, make dungeons, and make new spells which are my main interests in modding.

I am always willing to learn more and improve on my knowledge and skill on modding Skyrim, and I try to get better and practice every day.

On Nexus, I have made a small mod while a was beginning that sends you into a dungeon to retrieve a bow, and bring it back to it's rightful owner, you can check it out here:


Please check this out and give feedback as to what I should improve. (There is no voice acting so please enable subtitles, I'm a terrible voice actor.)

Here are some examples of my work:





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