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Marob's suggestions

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Hello, first i was very impressed by holds  mod. I want say  congratulation to you  galendill for your works. It was fantastic.

But, after  a trip in holds, i have some suggestions.

First, you should  continu to  create all forgotten towns  and cities  from tes arena.  You already partly  overlapse legendary cities  mod. IBecaus, I like to have to most uniform and coherent  skyrim as possible and I don't like have half collection. 

Second, for whiterun, with obis mod the whiterun entrance is very vulnerable to bandit raids. To help that, i recommand the creation of a wall to the road near the khajiit camp with 2-3 new guards at the entrance. Also, if possible integration of provincial courrier mod from arthmoor and watchtower near th bridge and the crossroad.  Maybe integration of solitude expansion (free rights)

For windhelm, i recommand the integration of windhelm bridge overhaul and altered exterior if possible with your edditions. The inner city is nearly perfect, but lot of space remain empty  near the vanilla tavern. Maybe, a place for more markets. 

For rifthen, according to me, it is the fourth largest city in skyrim. I think the city deserve more houses in interior and a small expansion to the south with new houses.( integration maybe of new road mod from legoman)  Also, a new farm  near the vanilla farm on main main gate side with palissades to protect from obis bandits. 

For solitude dawnstar, and falkreath, winterhold, morthal, markath  nothing to said. 

That my recommandations !

Thank for the mod !


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