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Neal - the sheer dumb lucky Synod

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I’ve managed to get some details down for Neal, because it’s his antics and sheer luck that helps out in the quest concepts The Power of Seven, and The Prison at World’s End.


physical description: he’s a really skinny guy, the kind that looks more comfortable in a library than in the field, and he wears goggles with blue-tinted lenses that completely cover his eyes. He carries an enormous backpack on his back that looks like if he bent over backwards, it would land him on his back.


personality description: he’s a sunny optimist with an insatiable curiosity that often makes him push buttons (physical, not mental) that he shouldn’t.


way of talking: “Oh, true story. So, I popped a piton on a mountain climb in the southern Jer’ell mountains a few weeks back, or maybe it was two or three years back. Anyway, I spent a whole week dangling from a cliff in the middle of a raging blizzard! *hoo hoo hoo hoo* (kinda kooky laugh).”


description of his special power: It’s like no matter if he stays with you or you leave him outside, he always manages to beat you to the near end of the dungeon. He does this by finding a hole to peer into, tripping and falling in, and shooting down like a rocket face first.

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I’ve managed to come up with one of Neal’s sheer dumb lucky survival and discoveries:


during an exploration of a dwemer ruin, one “experienced” Synod tried to get Neal killed with a dwemer thresher trap, but Neal survived by grabbing on to the blunt edge of the thresher at just the right time, and being taken for a ride, like Kermit did at the El Sleazo Cafe. Eventually he gets flung off by the centrifugal force, crashes straight through a wall, and discovers an ancient tonal architect’s laboratory behind the wall.

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