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Moders for expedition to akavir mod

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Hello everyone me and my moding team are looking for moders of any kind to help make our expedition to akavir mod come true.  We are doing the thousand monkey isles because we think that will be a great province to start we already have some landscaping done and a bit of lore.  We have a discord ready to go to set us up with this mod.  Here's the link to the discord https://discord.gg/mUuzgdP

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your invite expired.
I once had this idea 2 years ago as well but dropped it for atmora.
It's a great vision you have there, but there are many challenges ahead of you.
maybe you can take some inspiration for the concepting phase from the old forum I started

whish you the best, but don't underestimate the workload!
If you have questions, you can ask me, but i will be too busy to contribute.



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