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Music composing application

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my name is Nicklas Bauske and I am 21 years old. I am from Germany and have been composing fantasy/epic music as a hobby for 6 years now. I use high-quality samples from the east-west quantum leap- series and have some experience working with the Skywind-team and providing a few pieces for skyrim mods, but mainly, I do standalone tracks.  I would like to join your music team, if there are any open positions.

Here is a link to my portfolio on youtube:

(download links are down in the descriptions for better quality).



I hope it meets your standarts for quality. Working with a team, as well as diving deeper into the soundtrack genre would be an important experience for me.  The black Marshes sound interesting to me as a region. I have a variety of quite exotic instrument samples that could be experimented with.

Best wishes,

Nicklas Bauske

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Hi Nicklas, I am the audio and music director of BS: Black Marsh. Unfortunately I'm not looking to recruit anymore composers at this current moment in time as I've reached the maximum number of composer I wish to work with. I'd look into joining the BS Elsweyr project instead if possible as they are looking for composers, and the exotic instruments you say you possess may help there as well, so hopefully a member of the Elsweyr team will see this and review your application. That being said thanks for your interest in Black Marsh  

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