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Stormbreaker Clan

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Stormbreaker Clan

The Stormbreaker Clan, is a Nord clan, founded by the three sailors: Sevrish, Einar and Brynjar Stormbreaker. The clan is well-known amongst the Nords of Skyrim due to the expert engineers, seafarers and warriors that hail from this clan, as well as their contributions to the lands naval technology.

Appearance; Nords who are born into the clan are, in most cases, fair-skinned and dark-haired. Their eyes are blue, with tones ranging from light to darker hues. If one were to stare at a Stormbreaker’s eyes for long enough, one could notice the resemblance of the ocean’s tide in their eyes. Stormbreakers often have beards shorter than most Nords, and it is a common practice within the clan to keep one’s beard braided for the once with long beards. 


General Information;

The Stormbreaker clan is a proud clan of Dawnstar, known for their skill in shipbuilding, and skill in raiding. they live in their clan home that's both houses the family but also their workshop where they skillfully work on their boat craft. the clan is full of skilled warriors and strict Dawnstar Honour meaning much like the city itself the clan is built on strength and accomplishments over fancy words.

The clan is Loyal to the Jarl Skald and also fully recognize Ulfric as their high king the clan see no higher priority than its own survival and prominence and Skald aswell as Ulrfric help them stay in influence thanks to their loyalty, Skald enjoys the advice of the clan as they a line in their set of mind, however whenever their minds differ the Stormbreaker clan may advise differently but Skald as jarl gets the final say. unless Skald goes against the clan repeatedly (changed his way of thinking completely) the clan will remain loyal to him until the end.

there will be quests involving all kinds of intrigues within the clan, it is lead by Clanfather Kardal Stormbreaker but Kori Stormbreaker is the most vocal and usually is the one representing the clan at the jarls side. this is due to the younger Kori's ambitions and ties to his brother Barradin who was an influential Elder within the clan when he was alive. something Kori aims to pick up the torch off.



Oath-taking is the initiation ceremony for any person that joins the clan from outside the blood-lines. The initiate who is to join the clan must enter the sea with the water-level below his waistline. An oath is recited by the Clan Father, and after repeating the oath, the initiate’s head is submerged underwater for a brief moment. Once the initiate’s head is pulled out of the water he is recognized as a Stormbreaker.

Face-painting is the ritual that follows the oath-taking. In this ceremony, the newly inducted Stormbreakers are lead into the sea, where they are told to dunk themselves in order to “cleanse” themselves. Following this, the Clan Father, or Clan Elder brings a mixture of sea-borne ingredients which form a purple or blue-like dye, and begins to paint the new Stormbreaker’s face.


Code of Conduct

The Stormbreaker clan like many Clans of Nords have a strict code of conduct this should be seen in the game as they should hold the following rules to high esteem;

1. You must hold the clan’s name in high esteem and treat your clanmates with the utmost respect.

2. You shall not, in any way, bring harm upon any clanmate, unless your own life, or the life of a fellow clanmate is at risk.

3. You shall remain loyal to the clan, and must obey direct orders coming from the Clan Father and Clan Elders.

4. If a quarrel between clanmates cannot be resolved, it must be brought up to the Clan Father’s attention in order to fairly resolve the dispute.



There are two bloodlines within the Stormbreaker clan, the one of Brynjar who is now Kori and his sister Freja and the one of Severish that encompass all other members of the clan, the two bloodlines still consider each other family since Brynjar and Sevrish was brothers and both along with Severish son Einar founded the clan.


Notable Members;

Sevrish Stormbreaker, first Clan Father now desist.

Einar Stormbreaker, son of Sevrish, second Clan Father, Clan Elder now desist.

Brynjar Stormbreaker, third Clan Father now desist.

Barradin Stormbreaker, Clan Elder. Brother too Kori now desist

Beitiris Stormbreaker, first Clan Mother now desist.


Current Members Living in Dawnstar;

Kardal Stormbreaker Male Clanfather

[Add link to Character page]

Kori Stormbreaker Male Brother of Freja

[Add link to Character page]

Jakos Stormbreaker Male Clan Elder Brother to Kardal

[Add link to Character page]

Grendar Stormbreaker Male Son of Jakos

[Add link to Character page]

Grimel Stormbreaker Male Son of Jakos

[Add link to Character page]

Venja Stormbreaker Female Wife of Kardal

[Add link to Character page]

Rosilja Stormbreaker Female Wife of Jakos

[Add link to Character page]

Ystra Stormbreaker Female Daughter of Kardal

[Add link to Character page]

Freja Stormbreaker Female Sister of Kori

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[a Character needs to be added who isn't in the Stormbreaker clan but rather Kori's Girlfriend, a common girl from the lower classes of Dawnstar]


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