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Usage of Imperial City assets

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Hello, I am the director of The Fate of Tamriel.

May I use the Imperial City's building assets in our mod? Every creator of the assets will be credited for their wonderful work. For how we plan to use the assets if we are granted permission, the mod's final battle (The Final Tournament of Nirn the Arena) will take place in the Imperial City, and there are a few flashbacks of the Emperor that take place in the Imperial City, about his past life.

I would also like to use the exterior and interior White-Gold Tower's assets for the Adamantine Tower in a prelude mod, since the Adamantine Tower is theoretically identical to the White-Gold Tower. In the prelude mod, the Adamantine Tower will be invaded by a force that seeks to destroy the Towers.

Please let me know if you need more information or other agreements. I appreciate the effort and time you are putting into broadening the game's horizon. :)

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