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At the beginning, five dwarven brothers woke up, how did they get there? from where they have come from? nobody knows. The brothers were about 8 foot each, big muscles, strong, hairy, long beards and hair and sharp eyes. Their names were:

Dilgrim, The Strong. He was the warrior and leader in the group, and was the eldest brother.

Bodmin, The Creator. He was the builder in the group, he invented, he made, he built, he did all of the thinking job, and was the second eldest in the group.

Grimdor, The Wizard. Together with his brother, Bodmin, he invented golemcy and runesmithing (change these, they arent orginial). He was the middle brother

Dungrimm, The Smith. Together with his brother, Bodmin, he invented smithing. He was the second youngest brother

Glenn, The Miner. He mainly mined, and gathered resources. He was the youngest brother.

The five brothers have wandered through the land, searching for a purpose, a reason to exist. That is when, they saw elves, the meeting was short, and the elves had quickly walked off the way the came from, but the five brothers? They all agreed they need to be better, stronger, richer, from the filthy elves. They kept wandering around the land, until they had found a suitable place which they could have called a home. The mountain range of Dilgrim.

At the mountain range, they saw a group of more dwarves, they were shorter and less strong then the five brothers, but it was clear they also were dwarves. With no doubt the five brothers became the rulers of the dwarven nation. With Dilgrim being the eldest brother, he was chosen to be the grand king. The dwarves have lived underground, in the city of Kal’A’Dwar. It was clear that each dwarf was similar to one of the brothers, he was either a warrior, smith, builder, miner, or wizard. Some dwarves were two things, miner-smith, warrior-wizard, builder-miner, for example.

With hundreds of years of peace passing, the five brothers disappeared, no-one knows to where they left, and no-one has seen them ever since. After their dissapprience, they were declared as the Dwarven Gods.

With Dilgrim being the God of War, Bodmin, God of Creation, Grimdor, God of Magic, Dungrimm, God of Smithing, Glenn, God of Mining.


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