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Camonna Tong

DC Elder Scrolls Online User IDs/Character Names List

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I thought to put this year so everyone could add each other a lot easier. Just post your User ID, and I will update the list. If you also wish to include your Character name, post that, and I will add it too. Make sure you add the server you are in too.

  • Camonna Tong - User ID @Camonna_Tong: Character - NA - Zeroph, EU - Seroph. NA/EU Server
  • Lasur Arkinshade - User ID @Lasur_Arkinshade. Character - Londas Dreth. EU Server.
  • Ysne58 - User ID @Ysne58. Character - Ysne = (Last Name). NA & EU Server.
  • Markus Liberty - User ID @MarkusLiberty. Character - Johra ColoviaEU Server.
  • Orion the Above Average - User ID @OriontheGreat. Character - TBD. NA Server.
  • Sonicadam - User ID @Talodalf. Character Thoron Iron-Shield. EU Server.
  • Tx12001User ID @Tx12001Character - Almadiel. NA Server.
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I created a DC guild on the EU server.  edjenoh is a member and has inviting privleges as well.

I think it best if most of the DC people have invite authority.  Right now EU server seems to be much less populated than the NA one.

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UserID: @Onasaki

Character Name: Rilan Indoran (If it's not taken, or if I still have him)

This is in place for when I eventually get the game.  I was in the Beta so I should still have a thinger.

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