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Camonna Tong

DC Elder Scrolls Online User IDs/Character Names List

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We'll play when you're done downloading, see you in three years Transbot!

Hey, my connection isn't that slow! Although as soon as I logged in and created my character, I got THE SERVER WILL BE DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE IN 5 MINUTES.

A fine welcome to ESO. Oh, well, at least I got my free monkey for beta testing a while back.

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So the Orsinium DLC has been out for about a week now. And earlier the Imperial City DLC came out, but I haven't gotten that one yet.

Really digging Orsinium so far, and as an all around orc fan it's a real treat to finally see them in the spotlight. The city is massive and looks great, and the orcish urban architecture style is cool and interesting. Lots of tapestry on the walls like the dunmer but with more of a Mongolian touch I guess. As does the region of Wrothgar and its mountainous very vertical design. I'm also liking the lore around the quests with the Trinimac/Malacath beliefs going head to head.

The NPCs also seem to acknowledge that my character is an orc from time to time which never happened before, so that's always appreciated.

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