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The team and introductions

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Welcome to Elsweyr!
This is the thread for anyone who wants to become a member of the Elsweyr team - but you're also welcome to introduce yourself just as an interested party.
We often get new arrivals who say "Here I am, what can I do to help?"
Sorry to say it, but if you have to ask the question then the answer is probably "Not much." Nobody has time to direct anybody else - especially the team leads - so really if you aren't a self starter then you probably won't find much to do. 
On the other hand, there is quite a strong existing vision - so if you do have ideas please share them in outline form before committing large amounts of work, in case they don't fit.
The Elsweyr project is currently focused on:
  • Asset development
  • Concept Art
  • Overall design
  • Initial Landscaping
You do not need to be a member of the team to post in our forum threads, and all serious ideas and contributions are welcome. If you want to become a full contributor to the team you will need to apply.
How to join us
If you want to join our team you have to do the following four things:
  1. Introduce yourself and tell us what you want to do for us.
  2. Show us an example of your previous work.
  3. Search our forums to find a task for yourself.
  4. Make a plan how you want to fulfill this task.
Please post your application in this thread.
We look forward to working with you!
We are searching for
  • Concept artists
  • Modelers
We will also require
  • Exterior designers
  • Interior-/Dungeon designers
who can begin designing and help gather the necessary assets

Team Roster

The currently active Modding team is:


The Old Ye Bard (TOYB)

Active Team Members

Deeza - Writing
JoopvanDie - Landscaper
Noctis - Modeller
Polzynn - Landscaper
RaZakhar & Kiarash - Linguistics
Sage of Ice - Writing
Tenaar (Lux) - Music Director
UnboundDremora - Landscape / Level Design

Associate Members

Active on DC but not currently working on Elsweyr

Berkian - Hyaenidae specialist
Chiaro22 - CK Modder and apprentice modeller
dargaron - Concept Artist and modeller
Mizreg - CK Modder


Significant contributors we haven't seen for a while:

Ja-Kha'jay (JKJ)
Leianne1 - Artist
Kyoushu - Artist
Vintra - Modeler
Sceluk (SL) - CK Modder
Asterai - Literature

If anybody else from the old crowd wants back in please get in touch - we're getting active again.

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Roster changes
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Hi guys, good to see that this project is still up and running. :devil3: Looking forward to putting my hands back to work in general CK stuff and scripting, quests and interiors.

And also, a BIG Well Done to those who worked on the heightmap.

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Thanks - sometime I may post up my old History of the Heightmap post : it was a bit epic!

Glad to see you back: I'll PM Andalay Bay to get you added to the Elsweyr members group. What do you want to use for a modding abbreviation?

Thanks also for the info on what you want to work on: that helps us plan. Scripting, Quests and Interiors are obviously way down the line for TES5/CK work. If you're interested, we'll be keeping the TES4 mod active for the immediate term, so if you fancy doing any improvement work there we could use the help: in particular, and do-able now, we need four Ayleid dungeons and two imperial forts - either in use or ruined.

In any case, and this goes for all team members: if you still have Oblivion installed I'd like you to download and explore the TES4 Public Alpha when it comes out - hopefully in the next week or so. This is the same world we will be building in TES5, so everything you will see is a prototype of where we're going overall.

Sceluk - in particular, I'd like you to get your head round the region generation: both the presets I made (in places badly) for TES4 and the updated system for TES5 in the CK when it comes out. I will want to work with you on getting those ready, if you're up for it. I intend to use placeholder meshes as well, so that we can get the region gen started without waiting for the assets. Hope you now have a heat-proof PC: otherwise you'll be dropping out come spring, won't you?!

Sounds like I'm throwing a lot out here, doesn't it? I am. We want to get this mod up and running really fast - and in fact, I'd like to be able to create a "visualization build" - full heightmap and placeholder region gen which we can start to screenshot and test with - in maybe 3 months.

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Haha PC is all good now, it survived through our country's hottest summer yet, with me playing everything on Ultra, so no I don't think it'll overheat. (And I have two gaming PC's so, can run on both at the same time :)

I think I'll region gen all right for TES4, but didn't the devs say TES5 was all hand placed, so no region gen?

Oh, as for the tag, I guess SL would do.

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I want to keep as much as possible online, so a thread (or more than one) in Landscaping, definitely.

I'm going to put up threads to organise all the main workstreams. For the moment just wait for that - I'll probably put something up once the Alpha's out and you can see what I got up to.

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Hey there guys, I'm new to this.

After I've played Skyrim thoroughly and the CK is released, I'd love to help with creating this mod. I was going to plan the creation of a city in Elswyr by myself until I read about this project. Cities, landscapes, house interiors, dungeon interiors, writing dialogue, voice acting, quests, general scripting, modeling (but I have no experience in this yet), organize/coordinate some of these things, I'm willing to learn/do it all. My vision is of a high quality mod - I would much rather have a city whose quality goes beyond that of Bethesda's (I have my criticisms of the way they make their game), and definitely bigger in size, than a half-empty Elswyr without much attention paid to detail. I don't think that towns in Bethesda games can be called towns, or cities be called cities regarding size.

For starters I would love to work on a city in it's own contained worldspace, treated as a modular mod to be added to Elswyr, and as long as Elswyr isn't ready for release to be accessible by ship or land transport from Skyrim. I think it's by far the most manageable way to approach a large mod like this - modules created and updated separately by different modders and which can then be combined into a large mod.

Edit: forgot to add some things: I'm a huge fan of cats and cat-like animals, and by extension the Khajit and especially in how they are presented in Skyrim, which is what motivated me to want to create the Khajit homeland. I have modding experience reaching back to Morrowind, though I have never done anything beyond adding houses, altering interiors and tweaking the gameplay for myself. I am motivated to see the project to completion, and am looking forward to spending my spare time on it. I can't accept anything that isn't high quality, or cutting large corners - no Khajit with human voices, but Khajit sounding ones. That level of detail is important to me.

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Hi Finiras - welcome to the project!

We really work "outside in" for the towns and cities - get the overall worldspace right, then wall off the city with a landmark buildings inside, then copy that off to its own worldspace. That enables the city to fit organically into the landscape. Combining modules that are not built like that is a bit of a nightmare - even with the toolset that has been built up over the years for Oblivion.

I think the problem with starting from a separate worldspace module is going to be that the parent worldspace is incorrect - I'm not sure what happens to a child worldspace if you try and change the parent. Maybe someone else here knows.

That said, our overall heightmap is well on the way: we're planning to make some adjustments to our TES4 version while we up-scale it to TES5 but I'm already working on it now and I don't think it'll take more than a few weeks.

Also, our cities are very distinctive, each with new architecture. We are not going to allocate one exclusively to anyone who is not an experienced modeller. Individual elements will be allocated on a claims basis.

Don't worry too much about a half-empty world. We will use region generation to get a complete landscape - which will obviously then need hand-finishing. The amount of content we had in place under TES4 was a bit squeezed by the available space: the new Elsweyr will be about 1/3 bigger and I'm sure we will be able to fill it.

Your attitude to detail sounds good! Once we have the base mod ready and some of the critical modelling work done then maybe you can get started with some top-quality interiors while we get the exterior ready for outdoor claims to be issued.

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Thank you. I know that modeling is an important part of this - it is important that Elswyr looks like Elswyr, and not too much like Skyrim. We'll need to model for interiors as well. At least retexture.

I was already planning to learn to model. I'd love to do that. Could any modeler please weigh in with some recommendations on what modeling program, ideally, to get proficient in and point me to resources like tutorials that would help me get the hang of it? (yes i know it isn't easy - please no lectures about how long it takes or how hard it is like I've seen elsewhere)

If the program is 3dsmax or maya or another program like that - which version? I know that compatibility with exporting plugins would be important.


edit: also, good luck with the heightmap and whatever else you'll do. if you need any assistance with anything, please pm me.

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Right, I know a thing or two about modeling.

First, are you a student at school or at university? If so, you may be eligible to get a 3-year free licence of 3dsMax here: http://usa.autodesk.com/3ds-max/

You will need to provide some personal details if you are able to get a copy.

Otherwise, I would recommend Blender because it is free.

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Personally I use Blender. TOYB uses 3DS Max. I think those two are pretty much the norm. Yes modelling is hard, yes it takes ages to get proficient - and yes you should go ahead and do it anyway because it's really rewarding!!

The export tools for Skyrim are not yet available. If you have Oblivion and want to model for that to get your hand in then you'll need version Bleder 2.49b (NOT later) and the NifTools Blender scripts. Refer to http://niftools.sour...et/wiki/Blender for details. If you're completely new to modelling you should start with http://www.blender.o...help/tutorials/ - I can't remember where I started, though.

Can't advise if you want to use 3DSMax instead - don't know it.

Once you can make a basic thing in the interface, I'd suggest using the file import option to pull in a .nif file and tweak that.

Expect to make really simple stuff to start with. Clutter will be useful, or flora - but don't spend ages on a project without checking in here whether it might be useful or mght have been made already!

Good luck!

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