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Dark Creations community rules
Don’t be a jerk
This is the most important rule of our community. It applies everywhere and covers any and all loopholes that may be present in other rules. In short, we don't want you to make our community an unpleasant place.

Any antagonistic behaviour such as hate speech (racism, sexism, homophobia etc.), trolling or flaming, regardless of whether the recipient is a member, is not allowed anywhere on Dark Creations. Use your common sense, and if someone asks you to tone it down, please carefully consider what they're saying.

Disputes and conflicts are not to derail threads from their intended topic(s). A member of DC staff may intervene should this take place and suggest that the conversation be resumed in private. As stated, please note that these forum rules do apply to private messages.

Signature, display names and member titles

You are allowed to change your display name once per year. Any additional changes must be performed by an administrator. Note that the change display name feature is not intended to be used for recreational purposes.

Member titles may be changed after reaching 500 active posts in our forums. All common sense rules apply here.

Please keep your forum signature as small as possible and preferably containing only information and media relevant to modding, The Elder Scrolls, video games, your hobbies etc. Large animated gifs, memes and other humorous images belong in The Pub. The signature feature is not intended for advertisements or to attract visitors to links.

Dark Creations is a mature-rated community

By registering, you confirm that you are either resident in a country covered by the PEGI and at least eighteen (18) years of age, resident in a country covered by the ESRB and at least seventeen (17) years of age or resident in another area and old enough to satisfy the applicable ratings of all Elder Scrolls titles.
Members are obligated to conform their own behaviour in accordance with the mature content of our forums and Dark Creations is not responsible for ensuring that underage individuals do not access material inappropriate for their age group.

Account restrictions

You are not allowed to use more than one account on DC. Doing so has led to some harmless fun in the past, however in the interest of allaying suspicion and confusion, we've decided to ban the use of multiple accounts. If you have an old secondary account, you are obligated to inform a staff member so they can disable it.

Accounts will not be deleted by request, for any reason.

Speak English and don't swear too much

Dark Creations is intended for an English-speaking audience. All public content should be in English. Threads in other languages are permitted with expressed consent from DC staff. Private content may be in any language.

Profanity should be limited in usage; it’s fine as long as you don't overdo it. The use of cultural, religious, national or racial expletives in a derogatory fashion is not allowed.

Don’t break the law on our forums

Any promotion of or disclosure of partaking in illegal activities is not allowed. This includes (but is not limited to) software piracy, spam, frauds and pyramid schemes, drug use, libel or slander, illegal pornography (such as child pornography and smut films), phishing and spreading malware. Unintentional first infractions will yield a warning.

Label explicit content and don’t upload pornography

Any uploaded media that would be given a 18+ rating must be labelled "adult only." Topics and posts containing explicit content are to be marked [NSFW] (Not Safe for Work). Posts in unmarked topics containing explicit content should be hidden using the spoiler tag. Pornography, gore or other shocking images may not be uploaded anywhere in our community.

Don’t publish any sensitive information to our forums

You may not publish any private information belonging to anyone, member of DC or otherwise, without their expressed consent.

Do not argue with staff members

When a staff member gives you a warning or otherwise engages with you for the purposes of moderation, do not confront them or be belligerent. Carefully consider what they are saying and abide by their requests and suggestions. Please respect that we are here to maintain the site and keep the atmosphere pleasant, and if it was up to us, we would rather there be no need for any moderation.

When you need to ask staff for permission

In the following cases, you must ask DC staff for permission before posting.

  • Fundraising. This includes Kickstarter projects and the like which you are personally involved in or benefit from. If you wish to post in Dark Creations asking the community for donations, please get in touch with us. If all you want to do is post a link to a Kickstarter by some other person or organisation, that is OK.
  • Campaigning and promotion. Posting in the forums asking the community to participate in some activity with the expressed or implicit purpose of achieving a political, social or promotional goal may only be done with expressed permission from DC staff.

When these rules aren’t clear

DC staff reserves the right to make judgement calls on material that does not clearly fall within the categories laid out above. If it is deemed inappropriate, it will be removed and consequences may be handed out to the uploader(s).

Updates to these rules

Future changes to these forum rules may be made without advance notice. We will always post updates in this thread to inform you of any changes.

All instances are judged independently but typical cases will be dealt with as follows.

  • Up to three warnings, depending on severity.
  • Suspension, from one week to one month, depending on severity.
  • Permanent ban. Your account will be blocked and its associated IP address will be banned from reaching the site.

Please note that Dark Creations has close ties to the global Elder Scrolls community and in the case of particularly severe infractions, we will inform other sites of moderator actions.

Moderator actions and project membership

DC staff does not make decisions on whether a user’s actions will affect their membership of a hosted project. Infractions are treated as against the community and it is up to the individual project leaders to demote members as they see fit.

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