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The "Lol" Thread

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I give you:  The story of my life.











Yes.  I own bar stools, not because I have an actual bar, but because I can't reach the top shelves otherwise.  I want a top-loading washer so I can easily felt my knitting, but I know I'll need a stool to climb up on the dryer in order to take my clothes out.  I drive with my toes and the steering wheel wedged in my boobs.  The one time I bought a fancy dress was for my prom, and after five stores and a pair of three-inch-heels, there was only one full-length dress that fit me. (And yes, I refused a short skirt because they all hit me at the tickly knee-length.  Tulle/sequins should never touch the backs of your knees.)  And all my jeans have frayed edges because I'm too lazy to hem every pair of pants I own.
*is tiny*

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Let's take a short break and hear some messages from our sponsors:

On the very first day of my "wood shop" class in college, the teacher announced that all the power tools were set up for someone of average height, though he'd be happy to teach us little folk how to make a stepstool.

And then, completely straight-faced, he leaned over to this stereo and turned on that song.  And just let it play. 

I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.  It was beautiful.

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GendunDrup, I'm impressed you've converted a sword into a selfie stick.  Nice work...BTW - what is the white wire attached to...?

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