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One of my favorite songs, for any of you wondering what's it about: Aoede was one of the Greek muses responsible for music, in the opening lines of The Odysee, The Illiad and The Aeneid, Homer and Virgil ask her for inspiration, as did most Greek and Latin poets. And in this song Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila sends out a prayer to Aoede as the first song of their album Ibn el Leil .

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Don't know if there are any Thrice fans here, but if there are, how good is their new album?

oooh, you just found the biggest Thrice fan here on DC ^^ I got the new album shortly after the release and it has become quickly one of my favourite album in my whole collection. I just love how they balanced the heavy earlier style, with the grand mellow melodies they were able to deliver on Major-Minor and Beggars. I am not ranking the albums or the songs themselve so much, because every bit of Thrice has something going for it.

Window is special. The Bridge is powerfull, the drum beat unusual yet groovy.

My favourite track is 'The long defeat' though.  The lyrics are full of despair and anger, yet the outcome stays positive. I guess its personal preference in this case.

And of course 'Salt and Shadow' as a perfect Ballade  to finish. Even though the album is full of anger and energy, this ending soothes you from the wild ride that is this album.

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