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*headdesks headdesks headdesks*

To all humans: Don't try to cover vocaloids songs, especially not with english. Just don't.

Most of them are either not good enough or just plain suck. For example this monstrosity:


The only person I've heard who does a great job is Nagi, her vocal range is incredible and can easily match the vocaloids.


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Sorry, just gotta come in here and flail for a moment.

*commence flailing*

AHAHAHA NEW NIGHTWISH ALBUM HOLY SHIT. This is epic. And awesome. Soooooooooooooooo much love for this band. They will always be my favorite. :P:D :D :D :D


(And yes, yes, "I Want My Tears Back" - despite having a shitty title - did indeed end up being a Jin song. Now if only I could get Lethe to stop dancing to it.)



*end flailing*

*resume normal forum activity*

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