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Full voice reel (Incl. Battlespire demo reel)

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Hey there all!

Just checking in again with another voice reel. Based on several comments sent forward (Thank you, by the way :D), I have been informed that my previous voice reels required more of a variety. So, I have created this short video presenting voices I've previously attempted as well as several new ones (some obviously turned out a lot better than others XD).

Link to the Voice Reel: 

As always, both criticism and praise would be most appreciated!

A list of voices performed in this link:

(Characters marked OC represent characters that I have created)

- Two variants for different Barmans

- Elder

- Madman (OC)*

- Town Drunk

- Guard

- Swindler (OC) **

- Doorman ***

- Haskill

- Sheogorath

*The Madman is basically a crazed individual similar to Cicero from Skyrim. He could be a possible enemy or a follower.

** The Swindler is a carnival owner representing "Haardvir's Circus for the freaks", a freakshow that travels across Tamriel. Unbeknownst to most however, the show is nothing more than a scam with actors and fraudulent props and costumes

*** The Doorman is a character created by the Battlespire team. The lines spoken are parts of the script sent to me. 

Thanks again!

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