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Adding Blood Effects to Melee Weapons in Skyrim using 3DSMax 2012 and Nifskope

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Hello. This is a simple step-by-step tutorial to add blood effects in the Skyrim custom melee weapons.

Basically, what we want is to end with an .obj file taken from the custom weapon, but only with the section that will display blood in-game and is slightly bigger/wider than the original one. This object will then be added to your weapon in the blood NiTrishape branches.

Let's start then (and please disregard the chosen mesh for the tutorial)! I will assume you know the basics of 3DSMax and Nifskope.

Tools used:

- 3DSMax 2012;

- NifPlugin to 3DSMax 2012;

- Nifskope.

In 3DSMax:

1 - Import your Custom Weapon and select the parts of the weapon that will display blood effects (usually is the blade in a sword/dagger type, for axes you may select both blades and a portion of the top handle).


2 - Select Detach in the Menu (right-click to open the dialogue box), then choose Detach as Clone in the pop-up window; give it a name like "blood" and hit OK.  



3 - Select this new mesh (you can check if you are selecting it in the test box below the modifiers icons), select the modifiers menu, then the push modifier. A little text box will be available, set the number 0.02 in the Push value.   


4 - Click on the Push text that appears above the Editable Mesh in the modifiers Box with your right-click. Choose collapse all.


5 - Select the original weapon mesh and delete it from scene. Export as NIF file, name it something like Blood.nif.

IN Nifskope:

You should end with something like this in nifskope:


Select the NiTriShape branch (NOT the NiNode Root), go to File - Export - Export.Obj. Save the object with blood,obj or whatever.

6 - Open your custom weapon NIF. Look at the Blood NiTriShape branches highlighted in the picture - EdgeBlood and EdgeBlood01. Both will be replaced with your exported object.  


7 - Select the NiTriShape of the first Blood branch (EdgeBlood). Go to File - Import - Import.Obj. Search your blood.obj and hit OK.


8 - Now a very important part; sometimes the Blood NiTriShape values highlighted in the next picture don't match the NiTriShape of the static object; change the values of the Blood NiTriShape to match EXACTLY the Translation, Rotation and Scale ones in the static.



9 - Repeat the steps 7 and 8 for the EdgeBlood01 branch. Save the NIF.

10 - Test in game and profit:


​If you find errors or have suggestions/improvements, please give feedback. This is my approach but I'm always willing to learn. A Blender approach is also welcome!

Credits and thanks:

So Much Monsters for the video that is the main base for this tutorial (the Nifskope approach is different from mine);

3DSMax, Nifskope and NifTools teams for developing fantastic tools for modders;

Bethesda for the Elder Scrolls series and the Creation Kit.

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Awesome, thx a lot :)

Once I have more designs done I will look deeper into it and consider getting 3ds-max then.

I sadly can't say anthing about the blender-aproach, whatever I tried recently seems to have mistakes in some middle steps or so. My guess is I miss to check a box or something like that.

Cheers, and another time, kudos for your help :)

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