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HR - Gavaudon Forest [7 & 9]

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Gavaudon Forest Regional Thread:

This is the regional thread for Gavaudon Forest. Please place screenshots, pictures, questions, and comments related to the Gavaudon Forest here. This region contains portions of the following claims, 7 & 9. If you are developing a section within this region, please use this thread.

Map Within Spoiler - credits Waffles



General Description:

  • Mixed forest with some open clearings, not very dense.

To Do List:

  • Priority: Blend the Lowland Temperate Forested areas with the Norvulk hills using the BSKLSummerForestGrass01 with and without ferns
  • Add small plants, and clutter

Primary Textures Used:

  • LPineForest02
  • LPineForest03

Secondary Textures Used:

  • BSKLSummerForestGrass01 (all versions - Lowland Temperate Forests near the edges of Norvulk Hills edges)
  • LRocks01
  • LDirthpath01

Flora Used:

  • Blue Entoloma
  • Comfrey
  • Fly Amanita

Trees Used:

  • Mixed Temperate Lowland Forest
  • Mixed Coniferous Upland Forest

Temperature & Weather:

  • Temperature

    • Similar to temperatures around Falkreath and Riften.  Actual temperatures in this zone can vary quite a bit depending on the exact location.

    • Essentially temperate, with average temperatures around 10-15 C (50-60 F) and extremes of 20 C (68 F) during the height of summer and -10 C (14 F) during midwinter.  Comparable to the RL temperature ranges of central England and Wales.

  • Weather

    • Clear - 35%
      Cloudy - 35%
      Fog - 10%
      Rain - 15%
      Thunderstorm - 5%

Map Within Spoiler - credits Waffles



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Paging Landscaper Perry!
Lets get this border done.
I'd like to ask that we both extend the Gavaudon Forest towards each other and connect them here.
This is the exact spot the region map is saying they connect. there is a flat ledge on the hill that would help with the crossing. We can re paint that hill with dirt and stone textures and blend it into the snow higher up the hill as well.



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the region maps are only rough guidelines and often don't take the actual topology of the Heigthmap into account. For example, when a region does not completely cover a clearly visible valley and you'd had to fill out the small rest of it with a completely different biome, it is in your decision as a leveldesigner how to approach the design of that critical zone.

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Hey Karhu,
The region stretches between our claim and this is the only place we can put a crossing, otherwise it would just be a cliff. I understand we could just have the two parts of the region seperate, I just feel it'd be better for player's sake if we made a nice little path between them. Otherwise they would need to either glitch jump across a cliff, or walk all the way around the cliff.


(Ignore the colorful scribbles.)

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