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Markus Liberty

Show us what you're working on!

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Starcornet, those are fantastic for only CK! You should try using blender, or perusing the arcane university architecture sections and play around with those if you're interested, blender is free and there are tutorials all over the place. Also, the AU has links to a lot of good stuff.

On a side note, I just finished the College of Whispers Archmage robes, which is to be one of my last few models for Beyond Skyrim so I can focus on the writing side and RL stuff:



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Argor, those robes look fantastic! Browsing through the past few pages, the calibre of the work posted here is great.

Recently finished working on a few Bretic ships for the IB team. No animations (yet?).  Here they are in some Farrun livery. Next on my list, some Elsweyr and Atmoran ships...  If anyone's interested I've put non-BS versions on the Nexus for general use: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77174









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wooow! These ships highly Rocks! :D 

I love the second banner of the Eltheric League on the top... other banners from the other kingdoms are already been implemented? :) 

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Thanks for the feedback! And Lux, I see what you did there ;)

There are a couple of banners/crests converted for the ships to use, but more will need doing. The Eltheric banner on top is just a placeholder until proper flags can be done, though.

Argor, yeah, the ships do look dark. That's kind of intentional though - a lot of the HR architecture sets use dark wood and stone, and also historic ships were painted really dark with pine tar to stop the wood rotting. So, a bit of a stylistic choice! That said, the vanilla Skyrim ships are far too bright imo :)

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