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Markus Liberty

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Been working on 3d modeling in blender, and some stuff at skywind. 



also joined up again and will be doing some stuff for roscrea and will post more progress later. I always use my flickr So for those who used it and want to follow, ican if they feel like it.

Awesome Dark Odin! Loving all the Roscrea progress recently

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i m quite first time here and wanted to ask, if you want some of the old oblivion stuff that I do overtake to sky rim for my personal use.

I´ll only take houses and some clutter, that I personally like. This stuff will be implemented  into a new city in sky rim (that I´ll create all alone). As far you intend to create a fully integration of oblivion into sky rim, I only may tell here that it´s not ideal to do so.

The burma-mod i did not test and I will not test, because it´s not in my taste.

Anyway, when I´m ready with my mesh-sets, I´ll upload them here and you can use them for your future plans.

best regards


p.s. nice z-brush art


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For a staff enchanting project and more.
In the pic a 'staff bracket' just for the Arcane Enchanter, giving the illusion of "looks like vanilla" because yeah, I used the dragon head part of Arcane Enchanter mesh.
The concept is "you place that workbench upon arcane enchanters (so a modder is free to place it only on arc.enchanters of his choice) and hovering the mouse on it and activating show the Staff Enchanter interface from Dragonborn DLC (only difference will be about recipes: instead of heartstones it use something else like soulgems/spelltomes). Why? Short answer: why not.
Long answer: how mages enchanted staves before Ash Spawn's spawning and Neloth's extravagant method for staff enchanting? With the Arcane Enchanter saying "nyu-uh" about staves even if you got 100 points on Enchant.

Not only that, I wanna include original models like:
- a staff enchanter which work like the 'staff bracket', showing the same crafting interface and using the same recipes.
- original models for more staves, and adding wands! Because godamnit mages explores all Tamriel in search of power and there's only 5 common staves in total? An Highrock's Alteration Staff bringed by a breton mage should look different than Alteration Staff founded in Skyrim, the same for Cyrodiil/Blackmarsh/Morrowind. So yes, this little project will be a contribution for Beyond Skyrim too. Since regions recieve weapons and armor visually different from others, they need different looking staves too.
- a new crafting station specifically for unenchanted staves making, maybe?

Sadly cant do it all by myself, because I dont grasp the nifskope's workflow/convertion (yes, I tried and tried but I still fail 99% of time) and Creation Kit works againt me (gigatons of message errors I never seen in my life) : really time'n'patience consuming :( 
I prefer if my energy and sparetimes are aimed on, well, better final models.
So that mean I can only supply models and textures.

So if someone got the disposition to help me in this task, he can find me in that same forum.

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No posts here in almost 3 weeks! get to work people..

Here's what I've been up to; the Yoku Leather armor. The male set is rigged and ready to go but the female version still needs rigging.



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