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Markus Liberty

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it's crazy how just changing the tiresome vanilla farmhouse door for a custom made make everything so much more interesting.

Yes, Custom architectures and big assets are important of course, but the repetition of little details (ie: always the same doors, crates, fences etc...) can really break the immersion too.

Good job for the 3d snow, you should give to the cloud ruler temple the same treatment : )

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Sorry for spamming out this thread! I work quick, I guess :P

Anyways. Working on some mage robes. Found an awesome concept on google http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/277/9/6/rpg_armor_concept_2_by_wanderer_arts-d4btze0.jpg. Not quite done roughing in shapes (belts are rough, buckles are missing and a few plates on the arm is missing), but It's getting there! I should have a finished sculpt to show off tonight!


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