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Markus Liberty

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Will there be double-edge war axes (1-handed)? It would be cool to have a classic twin-edged barbarian war axe that you could wield with a shield.

way ahead of you, buddy B-)



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Just to conclude my robe spam!

Normal, and heavy, variation! 

Matth, are you able to post your maps and UVs once you're finished? It'd be helpful to see how you go about it.

Oh, sure!

I'll post an image with the final render + texure maps once I finish. For now.. now i spent a solkid 13 hour retopoing and UVWing. I am happy with the result! Here they are. Look pass the missing leather straps and a few missing things, I forgot to unhide them!

normal version is 7k polys, about 14k tris. Heavy is 8k polgys, about 16k tris. A bit heavier than vanilla Skyirm -- but not by a lot :)

This render is low poly with normal map applied, and the uvs are shown! They are not perfect, I do admit. I should have given the plate more space, the boots more, the skill less, etc, etc. But they work fine with a 2k texture set. (4k in the render). If we move down to 1k, there might be problems! The plate becomes very pixelated at that point!

For the armored version there are a few changes contrary to the original version. 

1) The boots got a metal plate in the front, and at the heel. 

2) The ovbvious plate at the front (and back!)

3) The shoulder, gloves, armguard and handguard are applied to both hands.

For a third variation, the apprentice version, you get the robes without anything on the belt, or any armor. I also am wondering whether to take off the gloves for that. hm.. 

The skull is sort of optional, I think. While it looks badass, it won't be fitting unless the guy is sort of dark mage/necromancer. I think I will make each belt decoration a model, and add them as seperate nifs as well. That way it will be quick to add, and remove, things around the belt.

Tomorrow I should have this textures and all prettied up!


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... and the berserker-spiked-up-versions are ready for testing...



edit: cant see anymore iron for now... need some change. steel? .... hmmm, nope. fixing the damn dwarven battleaxe again? ... maybe. im more in the mood to set up another batch of masterfiles for either ebony or daedric... a sword with a half blade and one of the worst shaped line of axes ever... (besides dwarven, which shouldnt even count as battleaxe because it sucks so much that i should actually remove it from my game)

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sorry to abuse a post for that here, but theres something i wanna point folks to. its basically the compromise i have to make on screenshots. since i plan to smack several hundred weapons into a single mod it makes no sense to make in-game-screenshots of them... no one would check them on the mods description. so i will do what i made before for my orcish horde weapons, and make a "collection" screen per weapon tier, which means that the resolution isnt the highest.

for you folks to compare and give you an idea what im exactly talking about: ragnaroksteelberserkergreatsword3 (gotta love self explaining names for nifs and ck entries :D ), in-game name just "Steel Berserker Greatsword"

screenshot piece used in description -->


... and heres how that thingy actually looks in my game -->


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(EDIT: i erased the old post and screenshot, this is the first glass-thingy that goes into the collection)

glass greatsword, improved version:

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