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Markus Liberty

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Bouncing from project to project, having no real direction... hehe ;) Goblin weapons next up! I got some work on the axe today. I still want to make the wood more rough, add a few more leather straps and generally clean it up. 

(Am I the only one digging that I managed to make feathers out of a cube within Zbrush in 30 seconds?..... Awesome!)


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I was thinking about Liches and put together this Telvanni Lich:


The one thing I dislike is that the lich isn't wearing the Telvanni robe ;)


I ran into a issue. I cant decide what material the middle should be...Any ideas? 

Argonian silver or elvish mithril...

... but honestly, I'd go with steel.

The Telvanni wear a variety of robes. Too many NPCs with the DB DLC robes would be too redundant for me imo

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Can somebody help me out? I made a dark elf skeleton with some broken gah-julan bonemold armor but the body and shoulders are invisible. Its all rigged and everything is in the right slot, but it won't appear. Its appearing in the armor addon but not on the npc.


EDIT: NVM, I fixed it. I wasn't paying attention to what race I had selected in the CK.

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right, those goblin goodies say "goblin" like nothing else :) ... would it be an idea to "fudge up the textures" on full purpose? ... i mean, making it look like the "blade" part of the weapon to look like some scrap-armor or shield pieces?

i really gotta find out more about that drawing-design-guy...

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Contrasted specular for iron. Very contrasted for corroded iron. I should note that the gloss map really helps the shine for the render. It gives it the sharp shine you'd expect. I won't get the same in-game, sadly! But, hey. Here you go!

Quick rundown of the maps:


And more specific, the specular map: 


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These are by hand :) I spent the majority of time getting the base metal texture. I will save it out as a preset!

The specular map is made from grayscaling the diffuse and changing levels/contrasts. 

The same goes for the gloss.

I haven't actually updated the normal map with surface details. So that'll add to the depth!

For unique models dDo is more of a waste on my part. 3Do, the renderer, is amazing though :> For bigger projects (like, you know, any future 9-weapon-in-a-set-sort of deal) I will make a preset, then use dDo to cut the texturing time by like 70%!

Also. You know the drill - new tab. Give it a minute. 100 images at 1920x1024 are loading up!


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half a fudging day... 9 hours... *sigh*


i knew working on glass would suck the moment i noticed that even the regular meshes are fudged up like hell, the worst ive ever seen, and i even worked on carrots already and static rabbits .... *facepalm*


after hours of struggling, i managed to exchange the basic ideas of the first 2 greatswords and merge them into a special flavored line. usually this comes to really surprising results. like in this case. i love those :wub:


edit: oh, and i will recolor those later as well as separate versions.

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