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Markus Liberty

Show us what you're working on!

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Yoku are the tilesets necessary to build the southern cities of Hammerfell not yet available on the Heightmap? (I'm talking about Gilane and Hegathe). Oh and moreover maybe also Dragonstar and Elinhir?


Hegathe and certain towns on the islands will be built with the Yoku tileset, and there will be ruins in various places that use the broken version. The other cities have unique assets.

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I like that. Every city will be unique. :) Are you working also on these tilesets or someone else is making them?
How many cities tilesets do you miss to be able to build all the cities in HighRock and Hammerfell now missing?

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Thank you Humiliation, I really love doing level design. So it's always nice to see my work is appreciated. :) 

As for the answer to your question, this is some work I've done for Skywind. They have some very beautiful tilesets and clutter.

Yeah I can see that, good job and good job to Skywind for making great looking assetts :) 

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It's a good start! Could you post the high poly?

The patterns feels a bit random thought, maybe if you could make the transition between them a little more logical? I would probably have droped them entierly, and gone with a thick skin instead, like on the official artwork.


Also worth checking out the Sload sculpt someone on TesRenewal made a while back, which is heavily based on the artwork.



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Was debating whether to post or not. Figured I might as well show people I am still alive, more or less!

Found a cool concept by a Connor Sheehan of an edgy necromancer like sword. Figured I'd take it as a warmup experience, and went with it. The hand is a placeholder, just to test out silhouette. It's going to be a skeleton hand, or at least a lot more creepy looking. The handle isn't finished, and I am debating whether or not to just make a clean good blade in 3ds max, or try do make something out of this in zbrush. My biggest issue is the asymmetric with the thumb in the eye. I need to fill the other side with... something?

Hopefully it'll look good whenever I finish it! ... Or, you know, I end up scratching the whole thing out of frustration in a few days. Who knows :P


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Lots to fix/clean up/make work as mentioned but real Sload assets on a real Thras height map :)

More in gallery and on Thras forums.

Sload1 small.jpg

Love the markings on the body, especially the shoulders and head. It is awesome to see Thras :)

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Thanks for the feedback Markus!

Like all provinces, Thras is short on modellers so if you or anyone reading this has the time to sculpt some Sload that are more like that concept art you would be more then welcome to :)

We actually decided early last year to have variants of Sload that represented different stages of the life cycle and to go back to a more monstrous mouth (like N'gasta) rather then the fatty lips of that concept art (very familiar with it all btw) but plenty of room for both!


...gone with a thick skin instead

Now everyone knows a thick skin is something I've never had much use for ;)

Seriously though the best way to influence design in Thras is come join and make something for the project!

We actually need specialist environment artists like yourself most at the moment so if you find the time to have a look around the Thras forums and see anything that catches your eye I hope you'll consider taking it on :)



Awesome work as always and awesome to see you back around here man! There's a home for that sword in Thras if you have no specific plans for it ;)


Cheers mate! Just trying to push things off paper and into game really. Things will look much better after a few more iterations hopefully.

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Sword experiment with Blender render and smart UV project.

This experiment made me wonder if i should create a living sword use a nature scene to texture it with cycles and then create a texture to use with Blender render, in any case below is the result.

Also thank you, to all you guys for the likes that I received earlier, this has encouraged me to share this experiment with you.


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Thanks guys for the appreciation towards my sword and my experiment.

Because you all liked it so much, I decided to post the story behind the sword.

So here it is.

Daoris the Sword of Light

The sword was forged a long time ago, in era that few can remember, in a time when Nordics valued magic and praise those who had power of the mind, instead wielding a sword.

The saying in that time was:”That any warrior can wield a sword, but few can learn the mysteries of the mind”.

That were the good old days, when Mages could practice there art and help people around them.

All though a lot of people had talent with magic, few could rival the power that the masters of time weave. They could see the ancient pasts and even the distant features.

So as they looked through the veils of time they saw the beginning of an era where darkness will spread and corrupt this world.

Also this era will not see magic as art of light and mages would be considered evil and dangerous to this world.

After this vision they hurried to the high Counselors of magic, together they searched for a solution, so that the light will not fade from this world.

After months of ideas and plans they found the answer, they would create a sword using the most talented arcane smiths in all the land.

So the sword was made of holy light and gold and was ready by dawn, but the mages still had one problem the sword may get corrupted by the evil that was about to come over the land.

As they pondered this idea, one sorceress stood forward and said that she would become the sword’s guardian.

She took an oath that, she would never let the sword get corrupted by evil or wielded for dark deeds.

The Oath was made and to be protected of all evil she would be sealed inside the sword in a palace, that would keep evil forever at bay.

Not moment to soon the sorceress and the castle were put in the sword and now the sword needed a name, so that neither human or good could destroy this mighty sword.

The name was chosen at dawn on first light of shining sun, blade will be called:”Daoris”- The sword of light.

As all the mages celebrated this victory and the creation of this sword, one young mage apprentice whispered to him self:”How would the guardian live for eras, in the wait for the one chosen, that should not be revealed?”

This whispered was heard like a thum in that great hall, silencing the whole room with just this one question.

The silence was becoming unbearable, and after a while an old mage from the back of the room stood forward.

He was walking slowly his years have talken there toll on him but his power was not in his muscles but in his mind and with just one word he transformed him self into a much younger mage that said the following:

“My power is my mind and my words are my weapons, the guardian of the sword will remain immortal, as long she would remain in the castle”.

Without any more words he used his magic to enchant the castle walls with his ancient spells.

The other mages ask all like they were in a group: “What will happen to the guardian of the sword, if she will leave this castle?”

But the mage disappear in thin air before the other could finish there question.

So no one knows what destiny will await the guardian of the sword.


Credit:redrakiton125 - story


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