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Markus Liberty

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The thing I hate most about skyrim is it's rock meshes, so I've been working on techniques to create new ones. I've worked out a workflow using a plane and heightmap to create a displaced and tiling mesh that can then be used for very interesting things.

Here you have the tiling displaced plane:


And now the power of the tiling plane comes into play, where I can apply modifers to do things like make a perfect rock column:


After a base texture with accurate heightmap is created, the workflow only uses Max and the Simplygon plugin to create good low poly models.

edit: The one downside to modeling the shape to the texture features is that the textures might not appear much higher resolution in some places than the vanilla cliff textures, even though it is 2k. This would work a lot better if I had 4k photosource with a good displacement map.

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Do any creature specialists fancy taking a look at the stunted scamp and scamp in BSAssets? At the moment they won't attack and everything looks OK so it might be a model issue?

I don't have the latest BSA but I could take a look at it if there's a link to the file(s).

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Hi, everyone!

I've been working with Escha to learn some 3D skills, and am close to making my first weapon!  But, I am also working on some concept art for Ancient Imperial Weapons too.  I've got some preliminary short sword designes, I used the Roman Gladius loosely as a base inspiration, but I also looked up some ESO Imperial weapons online (never played ESO myself), and took some inspiration from the vanilla Imperial sword, and of course, I'm also using Suran's concept work on the armor as a reference to ensure the weapons look and feel like they 'fit' so to speak.  

These are a little sloppy, but they're just preliminary sketches.  I'm posting them because I am very open to suggestions and it's easier to make changes sooner rather than later.  Plus, I miss posting her, lol!ancient_imperial_short_sword_preliminary

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Good to see you posting here again Drew :)

The pommel stone in the bottom overall view could be made to look like the plumage of the imperial helmets? Like if these are going to be "ancient" imperial then you could explore where modern imperial iconography evolved from. Crossguard the same, could be an old icon for Alessia, "pagan" imperial rather then Divines based?

Lovely work either way as always!


...and concept pallet for a re texture of something, something yada, yada.

Not much "zing" to the materials yet, haven't done much to them.


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Yeah, I'm kinda leaning towards the wrapped handle myself Meliodas.

I also like your ideas too Kettlewitch, but what is the 'plumage' of the Imperial helmets?  The thing at the top of the Officer's helm?  I will definitely do some more lore research about Alessia, though.  I know the gist, but it couldn't hurt to investigate a little more.

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