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Student Thread: Nikolaj Poulsen

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I tried scaling the carpets per Matthiaswaggs suggestion, it looks good. I don't see anything on the textures, but that might just be me. Also added some clutter, I basically tried finding something that looked like what I wanted and copied it from a vanilla location.

I still need to figure out what to do in the storage room. And possibly add some weapon plaques.

Doubt I'll get it ready for the contest hehe.






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The main concern you should have with storage is that you don't want it to look like a warehouse. Finding a good balance is important. For weapon plaques, I usually recommend just finding an existing one set up and copy-pasting it. There should be a WarehouseFurniture cell with the relevant objects set up. If you copy it from a vanilla player house it risks having metadata on the objects like ownership and initial disabling set up on it. 

Writing up a quick guide on retexturing now.. If you're nearly done with interior decorating, the next steps will be the fancy lighting and FX and navmeshing. 

Today we're going to be retexturing some things. The goal here will be making it so the woods all match up with each other on the building. There appear to be three distinct wood types: The floors, the walls, and the accent pieces like ceiling struts and columns. We want them all to be the same shade of brown that I see on the second floor walls.

The first step is going to be to set up the tools you need for this job. That'll be NifSkope, so you can view the meshes you're working with, BSAOpt, for unpacking your meshes and textures BSA files, and an image editing program. I use GIMP, but it's your choice. You can find relevant tutorials on how to install and set up these programs pretty easily, but do tell if you need help with it. You'll also need a .dds plugin for GIMP. Again, pretty easy to install.

I'm using this as sort of a reference. http://www.creationkit.com/Retexture_Tutorial

The way we're retexturing the pieces, we're only making a new texture that matches everything in color. No making a new mesh here. The CK actually has the built in ability to put new textures on objects, which saves a ton in file space.

First off is to find out what needs retexturing. I don't know the names or file paths of the objects you need, so I'm making them up. First up is the floor. I actually know that one; it looks like wrintfloormid01. 

So open that up in NifSkope. It's under architecture - whiterun - interiors. If you haven't by now, you need to set up NifSkope to show Skyrim textures. Just go to Render - Settings - Rendering, then select 'Auto Detect Game Paths' and it should do it for you. If it doesn't, click 'Add Folder' and select your Skyrim 'data' folder. 

Now to identify what texture needs working on. Click on the boards part of the mesh, and it'll highlight the relevant NiTriShape on the left side. Click the arrow on that NiTriShape to expand it, then expand it again until you see a BSShaderTextureSet. Click on that. The bottom menu will now have an item called 'textures' with a little purple flower.

Click on the arrow again to expand it, then examine the name of the texture it lists.. Should be texturesarchitecturewhiterunWRWoodFloorINT01. That's what we need!

Open up GIMP and open that texture. You'll also need the texture you want to match for comparison, so repeat the last few steps with the upstairs wall object that has that nice brown color to find its texture. I don't know what it is, so I'll call it the farmhouse set's WoodWalkway01. 

Get both of them side by side in GIMP. Make sure to uncheck 'load mipmaps' when you load it. 


Now, this is almost getting into the territory where you definitely need another tutorial to help, but I gave it a try. Play around with the brightness and contract, as well as the colorize option until they look sort of similar. 


Now you can save the changed texture. Make sure to still follow what the retexturing tutorial says, and save it with BC1/DXT1 compression (I don't know what it means), and generate mipmaps. Save it in a folder relevant to your mod. 

The tutorial now goes into doing the retexture with NifSkope, but we're doing this with the CK. Open up your mod and find the floor static piece. Open it up, and resave it with a new editorID with a prefix relevant to your mod. 

You'll also need to make a texture object in the CK for your new texture. In the Object window, go to Miscellaneous - TextureSet. Pick a random one, and edit its name and resave it with a good name so you have your own. Select the Diffuse texture, and click 'edit' below the grid to select your new texture. For the Normal/Gloss, select the normal map for the texture you changed. It should be called WRWoodFloorINT01_n. _n is the standard suffix for normal maps. Save the object by clicking OK.

Open that new static object you made earlier, and click 'edit' on the model. It'll open another menu with a 3D model of the object you're messing with. On the left side is the NiTriShapes of the object. So you want to find the NiTriShape that gets a new texture. 

Now, they're not labeled for some reason with anything but the number of the NiTriShape, so you'll have to open it up in NifSkope again. Click on the part of the object that's getting a recolor, and note the 'value' of it to the right of the word 'NiTriShape. On this one, it's 38, as in 'WRFLoorMid01:38. Therefore, double click on the item in the CK menu that says '38. It'll pull up the list of texture objects. Use the Search box to find the texture you made earlier and select it. Your item is now a new color.

Sorry this got so long, but it's really a short process when you know how to do it. It's mostly just finding the textures. 

You might not even need to recolor every texture and save it anew. Sometimes you can reuse the ones you already have. Just be careful, because if you use the same texture too much your house will end up looking somewhat bland. 

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I'll do the retexturing after the lighting bit, been busy playing Cities: Skylines.

For now I changed the entrance a bit. I removed a wall and added some storage. I know the axe is untextured in the CK, I am hoping that won't be the case in game. I'll also change the plant in the back corner.


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