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Spectral Dragon

Student Thread: MortredthePA - Spectral Dragon

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  1. I have no experience with the Creation Kit but am eager to learn.( I have a bit of experience with other game engines in level design.)
  2. All if possible but if not then landscape.
  3. The forums would be fine.(anything else is okay too but whatever is easiest.)
  4. Whichever ones need the most help or are accepting newcomers.
  5. I'm Cameron, 17, currentley out of school but will be in college soon for game design. I've always loved creating things and something like this project would be a dream come true.

I apoligize for the copy-paste nature of these instructions however these first sets of instructions will likely be the only ones I will do so as each of you grow in a different direction. In addition to this, you can do some additional reading at http://www.creationk...l_Layout_Part_1and go through as little or as much of this as you want :).


Hello, If it's ok with you I am going to start you off with a dungeon, any type you pick is fine but we will be using any DLC assets for now.

To do that, you will need to download this file and replace it in your Skyrim Root folder, it's an .ini file for the creation kit which allows you to load multiple master files, and fixes floating grass: http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/38180/?

Since you are willing to read other tutorials, I suggest you use this one as well: www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/6951-level-design-complete-assumes-no-experience (Two warnings for you: the first is that this is largely incomplete, and the second is that while this looks like it mostly covers the stuff already covered in the creation kit wiki, it definitely covers more and with relevant information in a more easy to understand order of learning.)

The first thing I like to do is create what is called a "Shell," which is basically the world you will be placing objects in. Inside of the window on your left which is called the object window you will see a selectable "Static" category. This will be the category you will likely need to get the most familair with so for now I will tell you where things are manually in this category. Under this category should be something called dungeons. Pick two types of dungeons, so we can have one flow into the other.

When creating a shell, I like to start with the entrance. For now you can just put a basic entrance in and we will worry about the door hookup later, but going from there you are going to want to think about how your dungeon is layed out. I suggest not making too many doors on the same side of a room (two at most,) because this will cause problems later when we optimize the place with roombounds (I'll teach you that later ;) )

As a challenge, I would like to suggest making a dungeon that is a bit 3D. I also request you put a mesh which shows the sky on the top level so I can teach you dynamic lighting later.

Now, when placing these shell objects you will have an easier time using Snap to Grid, and you can make sure that is turned on by right clicking anywhere in the window you place objects (this is called the Render Window,) and select Render Window Properties and make sure "Snap to Grid" is at 128 and turned on:


That's it for now, when you get a basic shell I will critique it and have you change it up a bit with some advanced work, then we will move on to important Cell Lighting setup.

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