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Thales Alves

Concept Artists and Modelers Needed

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Hello, guys! Well, I got two projects on the go, and I have a small team with a few writers and a programmer. I had two concept artists, but one of them gave up and the other one... died. Well, she just disappeared. 
Anyway, I'm now in need of concept artists to project stuff and 3D modelers to actually make the models. If you're interested, please PM me.
One of my projects, the Mining Guild, used to be hosted here, but I had to stop development for a few months and it's not longer being hosted, but perhaps you've heard of it. The project I'm working on right now is much smaller than MG, and it's a project I started in 2013 which was completed. But I decided to add some stuff to it and make it better. Once I finish Domus Imperatoris, I'll get back to developing Mining Guild. 
The artist that stopped answering made a few drawings, and they're awesome. Here's an example.
Thank you!

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