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Aresh Septango

Concept artist, some experience with the creation kit

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Hello, I would like to help with the project how I can, and what I can do is draw, concept, collage/photoshop, make areas/clutter (dont knock clutter too many large mods look so barren), and am learning textures and models


a sampler of art- (note I have a scanner now so don't worry about some of the potato pics)







a bit of collage work- http://41.media.tumblr.com/783c4b79bd296e0040539213026f54fa/tumblr_n3ae83TPJI1shbxr8o1_1280.png


     I've never put out a mod but I've played around casually with modding tools since fallout 3 so I can do some work there too

the provinces I would most like to do stuff for is first Hammerfell, second either black marsh or kittycatland, and so on


also working on my own mod so I hope to learn a thing or two to be able to give that what it deserves 

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I would let Waffles (the 2D art director for the Iliac Bay) know if you prefer to work in Hammerfell (just send her a PM with a link to this topic) although I imagine she may have already seen this topic. I quite like your work but I am no artist myself so take my opinion with a pinch of salt!

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