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Get your project hosted here at Dark Creations.

What do we offer?

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    IPS Community Suite

    Aside from the IPS Community Suite's tried-and-true forums functionality, it offers galleries, blogs and a place where you can upload and share files. We have a suite of custom functionality that allows directors full control over their projects.

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    We encourage our projects to version control their work as it ensures optimal cooperation and that no progress is lost. For this purpose, we run the community edition of Gitlab; it's like GitHub, only smaller and we can keep it on our own server.

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    You may know it as the piece of software that powers Wikipedia. We've got a multi-site setup of it here, complete with a default configuration that protects against spam. Project directors are given full bureaucreatic privileges over their own wikis.

What do we ask of you?

In short, we'll give you everything we've got, and all you have to do in exchange is to make something. Although we are primarily a modding community, we don't offer our hosting only to mods. If you've got an indie development project of any kind, you're welcome here.

We do have two sets of guidelines which you must follow and we ask that everyone reads them all the way through at least once. It's mostly common sense, but if you want to host with us, it's important that you know what we do and don't allow.

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