Hoddminir Flowers collected [REL]


I am now finished with all the new flowers and plants I have planned to do as re-textured grasses.
I have collected these new ones with all the old grass re-textures released in to one file, that you can download here form nexus.
In this release there are 170+ new summer flowers, 70+ new spring flowers, and 5 new water plants. There are also some miner updates to the textures and UV-mapping of the older releases of Spring 1 and 2, Grass and Water plants.

I mostly used Skyrims grass models, but in addition some plants are also using the lush model from the Lush Grass mod and new models from Skyrims Flora Overhaul.
Ztree helped convert the original Skyrim grass models to static objects, and almost all plants also have a static version that can be placed by hand.
I would like to thank SparrowPrince, Vurt and Ztree for giving me permission to use these models.

This release contains all in all 895 models:
Type – (Name) – Models
Grasses – (EGrass) – grass 87, static 32
Summer flower – (ESu) – grass 173, static 156
Spring flower – (ESp) – grass 164, static 192
Water plants – (EWp) – grass 61, static 30

I really hope you will enjoy these new resources and make something beautiful with them.




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