Monthly Update (10 January)

I’m now back from the lovely island of Gozo, Malta, and I have lots of potential limestone textures just waiting to be made. Not sure yet where I would like to use them but you never know.

MaltaStone MaltaWall1 Maltawall2


I have continued last months work with placing houses in the town and keep. Halfway through I started to feel the town was way to small, it is suppose to be the oldest and largest one in the kingdom after all. After some thought I added a whole new section to the west, doubling the size and giving the town a much better shape.


The town is now built around an entry point to a Eldamar road, there are market squares, an aqueduct and narrow back streets. It feels very empty still, but with some clutter and people moving around the place should come alive.

Seysal01 Seysal02 Seysal03 Seysal04 Seysal05 SeysalKeepGate

What is missing now are LODs for the re-textured houses, the town is large enough that you need them to see all across especially from up in the keep 🙂


I have already built an old abandon quarry up by the keep. But with all the new large stone walls around Seysal it felt natural to make a new and active quarry close by.

OldQuarry01 OldQuarrySeysalKeep

The new quarry is some minutes walk north along a forest road. There are some small houses for the stone masons, a rune stone carver and storage.

Quarry03 Quarry02 Quarry01

Lava textures and Surtsheim

I have planed for a volcanic region called Surtsheim to the west, between the islands and the main land. Surtsheim will be a separate worldspace, and I have started testing some textures, both of cold and molten lava. The lava rock is based of photos from the Azores islands, and I tried making novel molten lava textures using PS, not the easiest thing to get right. I’ll continue with the development of this region and see if I can show of some more of the concept next update.

Surts4 Surts1 Surts2 Surts3


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