Monthly Update (15 November 2015)

The project is moving forward, a lot of work has been put into adding details and new biotopes on and around the Seyland Island. I also had a lot of fun building with Percevan Eldamar road models.

Eldamar roads

The Eldamar have left ruins all over the islands, and one of the most visible is the network of  stone roads. Percevan have been making these models and the basic set of straights, bends,  slopes and bridges is now done. They are a joy to build with, I was afraid they would look big and bulky due to there size but I feel they are deceptively slender and graceful.

EldamarRoad02nov EldamarRoad03nov EldamarRoad04nov EldamarRoad05nov EldamarRoad01nov

Salt Marsh

I have continued to add more details to the salt marsh I showed back in October. There are now thick woods on the larger islands inside the marsh and lots of dead trees along the water. I built two roads through the marsh, a wooden walk way between the Askum island and Seysal, and an ancient Eldamar road leading west from Seysal.

SaltmarchEldamarRoad01Nov Saltmarch01Nov Saltmarch02Nov Saltmarch03Nov Saltmarch04Nov

New River

As on extension of the salt marsh I have converted a part of the inner sea east of the marsh to a river. The river flows from the lake by Seysal to the sea in the south. This new region is only half done, there is mush more work to do. I will try adding cliffs more details to the landscape, and the right grasses along the shore. I’ll see if I will make the lake somewhat smaller and the river a bit less wide too.

River01Nov River02Nov River03Nov River04Nov


I have changed the walls of the city to match those of the keep, using re-textured versions of Strotis castle walls. So far most of the city and keep are still empty, save for a small market place by the north gate. I also added a small wall around the temple grove, the in closed space really changed the atmosphere of the grove. The harbor had some minor changes to fit in with the new walls as well.

SeysalMarketNov SeysalTempleNovSeysalHarbor02Nov SeysalHarbor01Nov

South of the city walls towards the lake I built a small  enclosed hamlet. Most of the houses are re-textures Skyrim farm houses, but I also used some of Ztrees new houses and houses and a palisade for walls from TLD.

SeysalVillage01Nov SeysalVillage02Nov SeysalVillage03Nov SeysalVillage04Nov


As I started to build the Seysal town I had to put in some work to get LODs for the houses working. I have used re-textured Skyrim and new houses by Ztree, all with different color variants. LODs for all these variants would fast get out of hand so I tried to combine as much as possible into one atlas. There is still some way to go to get everything to work nicely, but it’s a start.

LOD atlas for Ztrees houses

Forest and streams

This weekend I had another go at the streams I last worked on in June, now I feel I got a bit better at making them. This is in a large forested valley on the south west of the Seyland island, the water flowing down from the mountain towards the bay between Seyland and Askum islands.

SeyDecForest05nov SeyDecForest06nov SeyDecForest01nov SeyDecForest02nov SeyDecForest03nov SeyDecForest04nov

Well, that was all for this month. Next update will probably be in the end of December, I will be away on Malta for some weeks. I look forward to the inspiration of that unique landscape and the opportunity to take some new texture photos 🙂

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