Monthly Update (27 November 2016)


Lokes Bane and Sigyns Hold

In the last update I showed the cave system called Lokes Bane and the Eldamar ruins in the cave. I now managed to find a darker ambient light setting that gave the right atmosphere, and I’m very pleased with the addition of the glow globes.



Object LODs

I also worked with re-texturing all the landscape lod objects to match the new textures I’m using in Hoddminir. The addition of smaller rocks, cliffs and dirtcliffs lods really improved the distant landscape, especially in places like the rocky and open landscape of the moorland.

moorlod05 moorlod07

New land

In the original height map the area between the three larger islands where mostly sea with some small islands. I begun to feel it was way to much water, and decided to change the landscape. Last year I added land between the Seyland and Askum island, and now I reduced the open sea between the islands even more. I’m still working on the new landscapes in these regions, but made some headway that I show below.


Sand and White cliffs

Originally this region had some small sandy islands and I wanted to keep that feel of sand, gray grass and small shrubs. I added some white cliffs that mark the border to the dead forest I showed in the last update. On higher ground I combined the sand grass, white rocks and pines.

newislands01 newislands06

insea2insea1  insea3 insea4

Sand River

The salt sea water river from Njords Well flows northern onto a plain, becoming a shallow sandy delta. The new mainland around the delta is still empty, but I have some plans to build different landscapes here, ranging from conifer forests, rocky pine shores and farmland.

sandriver02 sandriver04

sandriver1 sandriver5

Friggs temple and hamlet

Friggs temple is remarkable well preserved Eldamar ruin, used today as a temple to the goddess Frigg. There is a small hamlet inside the temple ground called Friggsheim. At the moment the inside of the temple is empty, still have some work to do to furnish it.

friggsheim2friggsheim3 friggsheim1

friggstemple3friggstemple4 friggstemple2friggstemple1

Eldamar roads

I continued building the Eladamr road system in these new regions. Some parts of the road has been destroyed as the sea water washed in on the land.

eldemarroad-ruin  insearoad01 insearoad02 insearoad03


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