Monthly Update (31 January)


Last update I showed my first concept of Surtsheim, an active volcanic island worldspace. I made the first draft of the height map, here shown in EarthSculptor.


Surtsheim can be reached in from the Hoddminir Island Worldspace, with a more or less dangerous shore. Some parts have flowing lava where it is not safe to walk, but there are some less active sites to explore and from where you can reach the rest of the island.


Surtsheim01 Surtsheim03Surtsheim02  Surtsheim04


Njordshamn is a small settlement west of the salt marshes, connected to Seysal by a ancient elevated road over the marsh land. It’s an important harbor for Seysal trade with the mainland.

I had a hard time coming up with a good layout for this small harbor town, the cliff it sits on is small and it was difficult to get good number of houses inside the walls. This is the first layout I’m happy with, it has a nice mix of smaller houses and a functional harbor. I’ll let this rest a bit and will come back to it later, and see if I still like it later on.

Njordhamn03 Njordhamn01 Njordhamn02

Distant LOD landscape

I made some very simple ground texture regions for the extended LOD landscape that shows beyond the worldspace. Here you can see the black lava rock of Surtsheim and the white limestone cliffs of Okolnir. A very small change that has a surprisingly large impact 🙂

LODLandscape2 LODLandscape1

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