Monthly Update (April 24)

The work on Hoddminir is moving forward, at this stage it’s mostly about changing up the landscape abit and building settlement. Every now and then I realize I need a new texture or re-texture a model, but not at all to the same extent as earlier in the project.

House LODs

Back in November and January I mentioned that I started working with LODs for the new and re-textured houses, most of that work is now finished. Its nice to be able to see the towns like Seysal in the distance and on the overview map.

Seysal lod01 Seysal LOD02


Speaking of the overview map, I have started to added map markers to the locations. I had to start with making a image library of screenshots of all the different kinds of map markers there are, I keep forgetting which what kinds there where 🙂



Eldamar ruins

Apart from the ancient roads I have shown before, there will also be ruins, lots of ruins. I have re-textured new and original models so they have a uniform style, using a combination of re-textured models from Dwemer, Snowelf, Varlaisaran’s Adabala Building System, and of course Percivans roads. All these model kits don’t necessarily fit together at the same site, but more represent the different cultures and ages they where built by. Some like the huge bridge between the Seyland and Hoddminir islands are still intact, where as others are completely ruined.

Eldamar bridge Eldamar-Brage Eldamar-Lokes hall Eldamar-Noatun

I got a question a while back regarding the ancient roads, on how to get on and off them as they are large and often high above the ground. I like to show some of the access points along the roads, they ranging from very simple to more elaborate constructions. In some places scaffolds are even constructed to get up to the roads if there are no original entry points nearby. On the overview map you can see these entry points marked out with the ‘grove’ map marker (looks like a spruce tree), once discovered they will be available for fast travel.

Eldamar-Road access04Eldamar-Road access03
Eldamar-Road access02Eldamar-Road access01


I made some changes to the Hede moor, removing a lot of the loose boulder and instead added cliff models. The landscape is still hard to transverse, forming a natural labyrinth among the stones, but looks much more natural than before. It’s hard to get a good screenshot of, but here on the first image there is an deep ravine, leading down to the caves under the moor.

Hede01 Hede02

Husby Hede is the Jarls hold for the Hede reagion, located by a lake high on the Hede moor. This town is built around an access point to the ancient roads, like many of the mayor settlements in Hoddminir.

HusbyHede01 HusbyHede02


Viksta is a small town by river leading to the inland of Seyland island. The landscape in this region is new, mostly populated with big maple trees. It is the first larger river that I finished, adding dirt cliffs, rocks and smaller cliffs to the river banks.

Viksta01 Viksta02 Viksta03 Viksta04

Small villages

I often take a long walk in the world and whenever I find a nice spot I think; this would be a great place for a hamlet.  Now the trouble is finding the same spot in the CK again 🙂

I made a couple farms and smaller hamlets so far, usually with 2 to 4 houses. None are finished yet, the next step is to flesh them out with clutter.

Karlby Village02

Simple Roads

I connected all the different settlements with dirt landscape texture roads. Even if they are simple its nice being able to walk between the villages and not lose my way in the wilderness.  I’ll continue to work on them, adding re-textured road models and other clutter, but it’s a good start.

Road01 Road02 Road03


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