Monthly Update (August 04)

Its been a while, during the spring and summer I have been working outside, on my actual garden. But now pollen from my least favorite plant, the Mugwort, has forced me inside. So I guess you can thank the Mugwort for the creations I show you below.

Lokes Bane

Under the Hede Moor is an extensive cave system, called Lokes Bane, with a ancient road running throw them. I have show some of it before, but now I rebuilt the cave, the old one felt flat and boring.

I like how it turned out, but it’s really hard to get an good pictures of it. The hardest to get a screenshot of is the deep cave hall. Falling from the roads here will kill you for sure. But there are safe ways to get down. Just to give you an impression of the proportions of the deep cave hall, the red arrow points to a player character.



It was fun to build, I had to improvise with rock and mountain models to get something that felt more natural than the standard cave kit allowed.LokesBane01 LokesBane07 LokesBane06 LokesBane08 LokesBane10

I haven’t found the right ambient light setting yet, I would like to have it much darker. I did figured out how to have the sky showing throw the cracks in the ceiling, I’m very pleased about that 🙂


Sigyns Hold

As you can see in some of the pictures above, there are ruins in the cave. You can catch parts of what is called Sigyns Hold from different locations of the caves. They are hard to get to as the only entrances have collapsed during cave-ins. No one has managed to get in, but I promise there is a way, only you will have to figure out how on your own.

SigynsholdInside04 SigynsholdInside03 SigynsholdInside02 SigynsholdInside01

The former entrance from outside to Sigyns Hold is now a impressive ravine where the rock caved in a long time ago.

Sigynshold01 Sigynshold02Sigynshold04 Sigynshold03

Njords Well

There is a weird waterfall with salt water falling from nowhere on the plain west of Seysal. It’s called Njords well, a sacred place for the Seylanders. According to the legends it is here that the god Njord opened a gate for the fleeing ships to Hoddminir, the safe haven, as the world was destroy during Ragnarök.

The salt sea water from the Well has poisoned the soil so few things can grow here. The landscape surrounding the well is of sand dunes, rocks, tough grass and stunted trees.

Njordsspring01 Njordsspring02 Njordsspring03

Sunken Forest

West of Njords Well are more evidence of the destructive flood cased by the sea pouring in from the Well. A dead forest still stands flooded by the salt water.

Most of the dead tree models are made by 3AMt, you can find them here.

Sunkenforest06 SunkenForest04 SunkenForest03 SunkenForest02 SunkenForest01


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