Weekly Update (14 August 2015)

As you probably noticed I’ve taken a break in the weakly updates over the summer, but I’ve continued working.

Streams and waterfalls

Some years ago me and my husband went on a trip thorough Austria, the landscape in the Alps was stunning. We visited all the the ravine that happened to be on the way. I have taken inspiration from that trip to make a ravine of my own. I have mentioned this before, working with water is hard, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.


Cave, dungeons and ruins

These are the first interiors for the mod, they are still in early development. I have re-textured both the cave and Dwemer interior kits to match the new textures Hoddminir is using. The road/bridge you gimps in some of the shots is a new model made by Percevan.






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