Weekly Update (15 February 2015)

This week I have been setting up region generation settings. A large part of the worldspace is not generated yet, and there is five different regions planned.

Deciduous forest

Back in 2013 Noir made this region setting and now I made some small adjustments to it. It’s a forest of Aspen and Maple, with some smaller bushes of Raspberry, Juneberry and Mt. Currant. In earlier versions there were also Birches but I removed them to get a more uniform look.  When generated, the trees cluster in to crops with small meadows between, an effect I really like. This region will cover most of the island of Askum, but there will be other regions on the coast lines.

DecForA1 DecForA2

Mixed Forest

This region will be used on the island Seyland, covering the southwest part. It started out as a slightly alternated version of the deciduous forest on Askum, just with different grasses. Now I have made it into a mixed forest exchanging the maple trees for small spruce, mt. currant to rowan bushes and juneberrys to junipers. With these changes this mixed forest uses elements from the bordering moor and conifer regions.

I did these settings some days ago, but when I revisited it today I felt the forest becomes to cluttered. I’ll probably remove some of the smaller bushes, and increase the radius on the trees to get  some more air between the trunks.DecForS1 DecForS2

Rowan coast

Between the islands Askum and Seyland I made a sparse region with Rowan trees and bushes, some salix and juniper bushes and a few rocks. The region is very open and airy with thick grass and heather.  In the test generations I made, it reminded me of some of the more open landscapes in TESIV Oblivion that I always loved.

SeaSou1 SeaSou2

SeaSou4 SeaSou3

Now I’ll see if I can finish the last two regions next week, both rocky coasts. So far I’ve done the landscape texture settings with lots of rock showing. The major flora will be sea buckthorn,  pine and rowan bushes,  with one of the regions having some pine and rowan trees as well.


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