Weekly Update (22 February 2015)

After lasts weeks intensive region work I had to take some days of modding this week. Setting up regions can be a lot of fun, at least once you get something that looks nice, but it also makes your brain feel like it’s melting πŸ™‚
I managed to finished one new region this week, now it’s just one more to go.

New weapons

h1zchan made iron age weapons, they are inspired by archeological finds, and they feel very right for the world we are making.


New Region

I’m finished with the settings for the coastal region without trees, well more or less with out trees. I added some new pines, re-textured models from GKBs green trees. I used trees that are made to grow out of slopes, they look rather like pines would if they grew in a windy environment. Tricky to get right in region generation, they won’t always stick out of the sloping ground. We will have to fix by hand once generation is done.

It’s simple region with some different models of sea buckthorn, small and low closer to the waters edge and then larger higher up. I also added a few bushes of flowering rowan, some smaller rocks and driftwood.

CoastRegion4CoastRegion1 CoastRegion2

I have also started planning for the last region that will be similar to the one I show above, but with large pines higher up from the waters edge. These two regions will be mixed in the archipelago with the larger islands having trees while the smaller ones only have bushes. While working on the tree coast region I realized many of the larger islands where to steep, there where just no room for the trees I had in mind. Luckily with the help of the height editor in the CK I could make the islands lower and still keep a lot of the variation from the erosion that GeoControl made in the terrain.


I’m working on the second region generation guide, I’m about half way done, so it should not be too long now.

Extended larger worldspace LODs

The first worldspace we are working in are not isolated islands but part of a larger cluster of islands. I made a separate esm where I imported a larger height map of the surrounding islands (using the CKs height map editors import function). Now you can see over to the other islands even if they are not actually part of the world space we are working on, so called dummy terrain.

WorldnorthMapSey LODLarge03

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